Heavenly Lindt Workshop in Zurich

Wrap yourself in the heavenly delights of Swiss chocolate, for in this exclusive Lindt workshop in Zurich, you too can become a master chocolatier. Explore the twists and turns of the making process. Unlock the refined ingredients of this sugary world.

Your candied excursion will take place in a historic atelier. It starts with an introduction into the origins of these famed cocoa flavours. In the company of an expert artisan, discover the unexpected challenges that face production. Then, reap the rewards together as you bite into quality samples oozing in culture and highly rich taste.

Now the fun really begins, as you change into an authentic maître chocolatier uniform. Apron and jacket tied, you look the part. But do you have what it takes to create your own masterpiece? Your escort certainly thinks so, as he reveals the steps for making champagne truffles and pralines. The atmosphere is electric as you laugh through trial and error. Celebrate the eventual fruits of your labour, in this one-of-a-kind experience that ends with more than one treat.

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