Pamplona Running of the Bulls

Share in the excitement without incurring any danger. Black bulls charge through the streets, white-clad people run and scatter before them, shouts and cries fill the air — and you watch this centuries-old spectacle from above, from your own balcony.

As you look on, your guide will explain to you the origins of this event, how it developed into its present form, and what it means to the local people.

The traditional running of bulls in Pamplona is part of the festivities of San Fermín, which go from July 6 to 14 every year. Pamplona is in Navarra, not in the Basque Country — but you can reach it with a 1h45 drive from Bilbao, or a 1h10 drive from San Sebastián. If you are in the Basque Country during San Fermín, it’s definitely worth the trip. Besides, you can combine this with a visit to the wine region of La Rioja, which is on the way.

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