Ski & Sail Norwegian Fjords (On the Same Day)

Yes, it’s as remarkable as it sounds. Downhill from a mountaintop to a fjord. Then sail deeper into the fjord. 

We’ve seen skiing and surfing on the same day, in Chile, California, even combining the Pyrenees with Biarritz, France. But it’s a two-hour drive between locations and really just a gimmick. What do you even pack for this kind of holiday?

Skiing and sailing in Norway is not for people who simply want to say they did it. It’s for people who want to explore and feel alive.

Here you ski from a mountain summit to the waterside. Where a boat waits to take you further. Compared to Chile and California, it’s an experience much closer to home. 

Available from January to April, the four-night expedition explores Hjorundfjord and the Sunmore Alps, from Alesund to Skodje. 

Day 1 – Alesund


Start in Alesund, a colourful art nouveau city surrounded by water and mountains. For a local welcome, enjoy a five-course Norwegian dinner at Apotekergata No. 5 restaurant. Eat well, because you will need the energy. 

Alesund is reachable on a flight with SAS or Norwegian via Oslo. Or request a private jet charter to Vigra. 

Ready to Be the Explorer?

Day 2 & 3 – Hjorundfjord & Sunmore Alps

Skier woman on summit in Sunnmøre, Norway.

After a night in Alesund town, jagged peaks and empty slopes become your playground. Sail towards Storfjord by private boat and find the perfect first downhill for your ability and adventure level. 

This is skiing and sailing in the wild. In most places you hike up to the mountain peaks before descending on fresh powdery snow, down and down, all the way to the water.

With every hour you explore further from civilization. So ski and sail and ski some more.


Spending a night on your expedition boat enables unrivaled access to slopes that rarely see visitors. Many people dream of sailing the Norwegian fjords. Or skiing remote virgin slopes. This expedition combines both experiences into a seamless journey. 

Day 4 – Storfjord

Storfjord Hotel

After two full days it’s time to get some rest. Storfjord Hotel is a cute boutique hotel with panoramic views, where your tired muscles are relieved in an outdoor sauna. 

Spend nights three and four here. You could take it easy on day four. You can also travel 45 – 60 minutes by road to continue skiing. Blatinden, Jolgrohornet and Ansokhornet mountains are all good options depending on conditions. 

Skier woman on summit in Sunnmøre, Norway.

Your expedition can be extended, with extra days on the boat or in the hotel. We find four nights is perfect for exploring the area and immersing yourself in the wilderness. 

It may sound incredibly adventurous. And it is. But you don’t need to be a pro skier to enjoy this expedition. With so many slopes and peaks, even beginners can descend the plunging fjords. 

Such an active experience is wonderful for recharging your batteries. Sure, your legs may be tired. But a few days of fresh fjord air does wonders for the soul. 

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