Forget the Famous Attractions – Try This Instead

Because you’re not the person who does the usual tourist stuff are you? You know there’s more to discover.

Forget the Eiffel Tower, Let’s go Beekeeping on Parisian Rooftops

Why would you queue for two hours to go up a tower that’s not that high and nobody from Paris likes anyway?

For a more interesting Paris perspective take a tour of cosmopolitan canopies, in search of beehives on rooftops with a view. And pair fresh honey with Champagne and local cheese.

Skip La Sagrada Familia and Explore La Pedrera

Okay, Gaudi’s cathedral in Barcelona really is a masterpiece. It’s just a shame there are always thousands of other people inside. It’s too packed to enjoy the experience.

So how about an exclusive after-hours visit of another Gaudi modernist masterpiece, La Pedrera? You’ll learn a lot more about Gaudi’s architectural revelations this way.

Forget the Grand Bazaar, Be a Real Istanbulite

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is grand, but it’s now very touristic and you’ll be hassled incessantly. The locals shop somewhere else.

So be a real Istanbulite for a day, getting to know the smaller bazaars and hip locales where ancient specialties are celebrated. There won’t be another tourist or annoying salesman in sight.

Yes, Do the Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel….After Hours

When in Rome…the Sistine Chapel is a work of art you really don’t want to miss. You just want to miss the thousands of other people crammed into the chapel. So wait until they’ve left and enjoy after hours access to the entire Vatican Museums.

For Old Dubai, do the Seaplane

Dubai is very new and the Old Dubai experience around downtown is little more than a theme park attraction. To experience Dubai’s history fly above the city in a seaplane. Imperial Airways seaplanes landed on Dubai Creek back in the 1930s, essentially putting the tiny desert settlement on the map.

Do the Gondola, but do Venice Differently

It’s not Venice without a gondola, but don’t travel aimlessly through the canals, take a gondola to a divine dining experience or have a picnic on the lagoon in a private wooden boat.

Explore another side to Venice with a Venetian writer and don’t be scared of an early morning alarm. For the ultimate 24 hours in Venice you can climb the staircase of Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo for breakfast with sunrise over the rooftops.

Forget the All Inclusive in Antalya, Try Bodrum Instead

Antalya is beautiful but there’s more to Turkey than the famous all-inclusive Antalya beach holiday. Try Bodrum, home to one of Europe’s best collections of five-star hotels, including Six Senses Kaplankaya Resort – did you know this is Czech owned?

Bodrum is a lot more exclusive and just as beautiful.

Ignore the London Eye, Fly Over London in a WWII Spitfire

The London Eye is so slow and boring. Instead, take to the skies in the cockpit of a vintage WWII Spitfire plane. You’ll spend a few minutes at the controls, experience the classic Spitfire victory roll, and admire southern England from the window of a fighter jet.

Don’t Queue for the Santorini Sunset…Get a Hotel With a View

Do you know how many queue and jostle just for a place to take a photo of the Santorini sunset from Oia? It has to be the world’s nosiest and least romantic sunset.

There’s an easy fix. The best Santorini hotels have private suites with a view, like Canaves Oia Santorini and Andronis Luxury Suites.

Forget Michelangelo’s David…Let’s Go Perfume Making in Florence

Sure, it’s a fantastic sculpture, even if most people think Michelangelo’s David is on Piazza della Signoria. The real thing is in the Accademia Gallery, where there are so many people you can’t get close.

For a more local Florence experience do a perfume making class, creating something as personal as you.

What do you Want to Try?

We’re sure you have your own memories of famous attractions that simply didn’t live up to the hype or expectation.

The world has many overly touristic things to do. Explore with us and you’ll live experiences that few other people know exist.

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