La Pedrera - Private Visit Behind Closed Doors

A private evening viewing of the adored La Pedrera awaits you. Away from the crowds, wanderings that are intimate and authentic lie in store. Enjoy special access to this artistic revelation by Antoni Gaudi. Discover hidden corners that give ‘the stone quarry’ new depth.

Scheduled to take place in the lead up to sunset, this is an exclusive after-hours tour. The famed modernist building is closed to the public during your visit, meaning you can explore this architectural wonder completely to yourselves. Step into a unique realm inspired by nature. Bask in the sunlight that strategically pours into each room.

Gaudi’s use of geometrical spaces is particularly impressive. In the company of an expert guide, learn the purpose behind the different shapes. Unveil secret stories about the structure’s construction. Admire the distinctness of the chimneys on the roof. Toast to a creator ahead of his time, as you enjoy a glass of cava whilst watching the sunset.

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