11 Reasons Why You Need to Explore Colombia

Escobar. Narcos. There were reasons not to visit Colombia, back in the 1990s. Not anymore. That was is long gone, even if Netflix tries to make it current.

The Caribbean. Amazon. Andes. Coffee. Culture. Pacific Ocean. Colombia is a great destination even if you’re only a little bit adventurous. No other destination has such diverse reasons to go.

Stereotypes still keep Colombia off the travel map. It is safe. You’re more likely to be offered cocaine on the streets of London than the streets of Medellin. Now is the time to explore, before everybody else realises what is on offer.

1. The Caribbean

This is Colombia, on the Caribbean.

Colombia’s Caribbean coastline is 1600 kilometres long. That’s way more coast than the Cayman Islands. Then there are remote islands to explore, some of them completely private. So yes, Colombia is a beach destination.

2. Amazon Rainforest

This is also Colombia. The Amazon Rainforest.

Colombia might be behind neighbouring Ecuador in making the world’s largest rainforest accessible and comfortable. But there’s less deforestation and the luxury experience is on its way.

3. Coffee

A market in the coffee town of Salento. In Colombia’s mountains.

Ready to Explore Colombia?

You probably know Colombian coffee. You’ve probably drank it. High in the Andes you can experience it. Breathe the fresh air and taste the fresh coffee. Stay in a finca (converted farmhouse) and experience traditional towns like Salento.

4. Medellin

Medellin has won countless awards for being the world’s most innovative city. Ready to explore beyond the Netflix story?

Escobar’s city was artist Botero’s city. And before that it was one of South America’s great cities. Now it wins awards for being a very innovative city. Instead of a subway they have cable cars, as millions travel away from past troubles to a bright future.

5. Cartagena

Tropical colours on the coast. Yes, Colombia has that South American vibe as well.

Old-world charm on the coast, Cartagena is now one of South America’s biggest fashionista destinations. It’s a beautiful old city with Colombia’s best hotel collection. And it’s the new place to be seen.

6. New Hotels

New hotels are transforming the Colombia travel experience

You know all those opulent properties, farmhouses, palaces and hotels in Narcos? Colombians don’t do things cheaply. A new generation of hotels has emerged, small-scale properties that will soon change the country’s travel image.

7. The Lost City

The Lost City, Ciudad Perdida. Yes Colombia has epic multi-day hiking expeditions as well.

Okay, it’s not as impressive as Machu Picchu in Peru. But it comes from a much earlier civilisation and you don’t share it with thousands of other visitors. Oh, the only way there is a four-day jungle trek through the Sierra Nevada.

8. Partying and Carnival

The huge but not-yet-touristic carnival. Another side to Colombia.

Escobar is long gone and the partying is back in full swing. One experience is to dance the cumbia in steamy clubs. The electronic music scene is booming, with great clubs especially in Bogota. And there’s carnival.

9. Nature

Gorgona island – are you still surprised that this is also Colombia?

Wild Pacific beaches for surfers, where you spot humpback whales from the coast. National parks that would be world famous for conservation and beauty if they were in Costa Rica or New Zealand. Towering peaks. Amazonian wildlife. What’s hot about Colombia’s nature is how much is unexplored.

10. People

Colombia is a country where all visitors are made to feel welcome.

After oppression and uncertainty comes positivity and a bright future. That’s the vibe right now in Colombia. Sure, it has all these amazing destinations. But you’ll remember it because of the people. They will show you a good time.

11. Exploring

Another piece of Colombia. Still surprised? Yawn. Will you just go and book it?

Imagine a four-day Caribbean yacht charter from Colombia to Panama, stopping at uninhabited islets. Or combining Cartagena, Medellin and another destination by the good local flights. Spend a month and you won’t even see half of Colombia. Spend just two days and you’ll be back for more.

And wait till we tell you about some of the country’s secret experiences. Colombia is hot. The time is now. Go explore.

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