Dubai Seaplane Scenic Flight

United Arab Emirates

For millennia the sea and sand had control over man – times have changed. In Dubai man has pushed its control over the elements to new levels. Architectural and engineering feats have seen new entire islands take shape and the tops of skyscrapers commune with the heavens.

The only way to truly understand and appreciate the miracle of Dubai is to take to the sky. Helicopter rides are fun but limited. A seaplane ride however allows guests the altitude required to wonder at the spectacle but also the ability to swoop down low to get up close and personal. In a seaplane, it’s possible to fly around the entire world in less than an hour – the World Islands development that is – a staggering engineering feat of colossal proportions.

Choose from one of the preset tours below, all of which can be experienced either in a shared seaplane or in complete privacy.

Authentic (45 min)
Mina Rashid – Burj Khalifa – Burj Al Arab – The Palm Jumeirah – The World Islands - Mina Rashid

Snapshot (20 min)
Mina Rashid – Dubai Creek – Burj Khalifa – Burj Al Arab – The Palm Jumeirah – Mina Rashid

Dubaj - Abu Dhabi and Ferrari World (45 min)
Mina Rashid - Burj Khalifa - The Palm Jumeirah - The World Islands - Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Island

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