The Ultimate 24 Hours in Venice?

Venice is a glorious destination that’s now famous for being overcrowded and unauthentic. Can you escape the crowds?

There’s nowhere in the world like Venice and it’s just as romantic as it used to be, when you follow an atypical itinerary.

We think this is the ultimate 24 hours in Venice. Leave the children at home for this one because it’s pure romance.

Sunrise on Scalinata del Bovolo & Breakfast at Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo

Sunrise…when Venice is at its most serene

Sure it’s an early morning alarm but you’re staying at Belmond Cipriani, home to the only proper pool in Venice. So you can sunbathe and snooze later today.

Take the boat shuttle to Piazza San Marco and explore while the city is still sleeping. Walk hand in hand upon the deserted streets, listening to church bells chiming and footsteps on cobblestone.

It’s still oh so quiet, thanks to your early start

Climb the spiral staircase of Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo and take a seat on a private table overlooking the rooftops. Here you are served breakfast, as Venice slowly wakes up beneath you.

Morning Exploration with a Venetian Writer

Regular sightseeing tours mostly go to the same crowded spots. Why? Venetian history comes alive when you move away from the tourists.

Step into artisanal Venice as you walk with a Venetian author, exploring boutiques, studios and workshops.

Discover Venice fueled by beauty, history and charm, like a medieval-era apothecary creating Venetian scents, a jeweller specialising in Murano glass bead necklaces, and a gondolier’s hat workshop.

Explore the backstreets of Venice. It’s a different kind of lively out here.

End at Piazza San Marco and drink coffee at Cafe Florian. The oldest cafe in the world is a touristy place, but your guide makes sure you don’t have to queue for a table and cappuccino.

Lunch in a Hidden Burano Garden

You’ll be hungry now, perhaps a little tired after the early start. No problem. One option is a picnic on the lagoon, aboard a private wooden boat.

Find a quiet lunch spot among these outlying islands

Or cruise the canals to Burano, for lunch in a hidden garden, a relaxed and informal place to feast on local Venetian delicacies.

After an active morning these lunch options are perfect. Just sit back, enjoy the views from your boat, then relax in the shade with some light bites and sparkling wine.

Afternoon Hotel Indulgence at Belmond Cipriani

Time for a nap? That’s difficult in a crowded city. Which is just one reason why we love Belmond Cipriani. It’s located on Giudecca Island, surrounded by atmospheric canals and lush gardens, but very hidden from the everyday bustle.

Your suite, your private view onto Venice

For the ultimate Venice stay we recommend the St Mark’s View Suite. Relax in your lounge and gaze across the water to Doge’s Palace. Immerse yourself in the vintage design and feel like you’re part of this ancient city. Simply stunning.

Every Venice Trip Needs a Gondola

This is an atypical itinerary but it’s not Venice without a gondola. Travel slowly through the intricate web of canals, to hidden corners and iconic sights. And just when you wonder where you are going, it’s here, a divine dining experience.

What’s Venice without at least one gondola?

Fine Italian Dining

Venice has many tourist traps and terrible restaurants. It also has some of the most beautiful places to eat in the world.

Do you prefer Michelin dining on Piazza San Marco? Then a table at Quadri is perfect, for traditional Venetian cuisine with a contemporary twist.

Amazing Venice food tasting can take many forms

Or do you want something immensely private? Then how about a romantic dinner on a Venetian rooftop. For something completely different do a gastronomic tasting walk through the city.

Nighttime in Venice

Another dining option, this time at Belmond Cipriani

Walk without a map or without a plan, ending your evening on the city’s central streets. By late evening most tourists have departed, as they stay in hotels outside the old city. So get lost a little before your boat shuttle back to Belmond Cipriani.

Where next? Maybe a Bellini at Bar Gabbiano? Or maybe back to your suite.

Keep Exploring Venice

24 hours later and you wake in Venice once more. Actually, more like 27 hours later, with a room service breakfast and a view across the water.

Belmond Hotel Cipriani immerses you in history, but it’s also a remote and tranquil place to stay.

Now where? Maybe some slow shopping, like the Giovanna Zanella footwear boutique or Merchant of Venice perfumery. Or perhaps visit a master goldbeater to discover an 18th-century tradition. Tour the Jewish Ghetto or explore famous film locations in Venice.

Venice is yours to explore, from island vineyards to private galleries and secret archives.

This is an itinerary for one of our clients. Is this your ultimate 24 hours in Venice? Talk to us about what you want to experience in this magical city.

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