Live Like Richard Branson on These Private Islands

Richard Branson is an explorer. He was the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a hot air balloon! He launched Virgin Galactic and travelled to the edge of space!

Want to Holiday like Richard Branson?

The iconic British entrepreneur also knows how to holiday in style. His property portfolio includes some of the most exclusive and unique private islands on the planet.

Want to live like Richard Branson in his Point Estate?

Thanks to our partnership with Virgin Limited Edition, you can live like Richard Branson, on one of Richard Branson’s islands in the British Virgin Islands.

For a few celebratory weeks a year, Necker Island is open to guests. Plus we have three exclusive-use properties to show you on Moskito Island.

Live Like Branson on Necker Island

Flying a hot air balloon over an ocean is a good way to sight pieces of paradise. Like islands surrounded by turquoise waters. With beautiful white-sand beaches and unspoiled nature. So naturally, Richard Branson has good taste when it comes to islands. He chose Necker Island for himself. Branson says:

Necker Island is my home and favourite hideaway. Explore this idyllic island paradise for yourself and be inspired by its beauty.

Ten individual Bali houses are dotted around the island. Branson’s own Great House has 11 bedrooms and a bunk room for kids. And the entrepreneur invites you to treat the island like your home.

For a few weeks a year, you can holiday on Branson’s Necker Island.

Necker Island accommodates 48 people plus six children and can be chartered for exclusive use.

For a few weeks a year, you can experience Necker Island as a couple, individual or family.

These are called Celebration Weeks and are the easiest way for you to live like Richard Branson. It’s a very rare opportunity to experience billionaire island indulgence, without the cost of renting an entire island. This is an island you can share with lemurs and giant tortoises, plus only a handful of other people, on these celebratory weeks in 2022.

  • 17th – 24th May (adults only)
  • 23rd – 30rd July
  • 13th – 20th August
  • 20th – 27th August
  • 17th – 24th September (adults only)
  • 24th Sept – 1st October (adults only)
  • 15th – 22nd October
  • 22nd – 29th October
  • 19th – 26th November
Welcome to the Caribbean. Welcome to Branson’s island. You’re invited.

Explore Moskito Island and Live Three Different Billionaire Experiences

When you buy a one-of-a-kind private island in the Caribbean you don’t build some run-of-the-mill estate. On Moskito Island, Richard Island didn’t just build one estate. He created three.

Richard Branson created three very different private estates on his Moskito Island.Ready to explore?

The Oasis Estate

A super contemporary hideaway for 18 guests, with big and open social spaces and an instance wraparound infinity pool. This is tomorrow’s luxury living in the Caribbean.

You can swim from a poolside room to the pool bar. There’s natural light and island vistas everywhere. It’s calm and convivial, perfect for families and close groups of friends, people who want to holiday together, in style.

Master Suite at the Oasis Estate, the most contemporary f the three estates.

The Point Estate

Hidden into a cliffside, The Point Estate affords more privacy for people within your group. Up to 14 adults and eight children can stay in standalone guest houses spread across the estate. All have private terraces, some even have outdoor baths and showers.

Everyone can come together at the infinity pool, indoor-outdoor lounge area, or down at the exclusive beach, where you will probably see sea turtles. It’s perfect if you want complete seclusion and spacious areas to come together.

A private beach that’s home to sea turtles. A sprawling estate where there’s privacy for everyone.

The Branson Estate

Branson gave his name to the estate most reflective of his own holiday style.

It’s barefoot luxury living, in three standalone villas that mix colonial and Balinese styles. Each villa has an insane master suite, kitchen, hot tub and infinity pool.

In total there are 11 guest rooms and it’s ideal if you are three smaller groups holidaying as one. Private beach? Of course. Privacy? Absolutely, when you want it. Personalised dining? Come on, this is Richard Branson’s island, expect service for billionaires.

Colonial meets Balinese styles, reflecting Branson’s personal tastes.

Will You Holiday Like Richard Branson?

Necker and Moskito islands are in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. These are exclusive faraway islands and the experience just wouldn’t be the same if they were next to a busy international airport (the Dominican Republic is a surprisingly good Caribbean option if you want simpler connections).

We recommend a week to make the most from the experience. Commercial flight routes usually go via Miami, but if you’re 22 people chartering a private Caribbean estate, a private jet charter is a good value option for the time and convenience.

Of course everything is customisable, from the itinerary to gastronomy. All three estates are exclusive use but you’re also free to explore the wider island, either on water or on land.

Richard Branson isn’t only a billionaire entrepreneur. He owns an airline and space company. He explores. And he’s made a home in the British Virgin Islands. A home you can experience.

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