Discovering the Faroe Islands, with Stepan Borovec

Stepan Borovec recently led eight EliteVoyage clients on a weekend trip to the Faroe Islands by private jet.

With a private jet it’s a three-hour direct flight. This makes a real explorer destination accessible.

After this Elite Trip, Stepan explained what it’s like in the Faroe Islands, what you can do, and what clients thought about the entire experience.

Introducing the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are all about nature. It’s a hiking, birdwatching and fishing destination (fishing is 96% of GDP!). The landscapes are simply stunning.

I’d only recommend it to outdoor lovers though. You can only really stay in three four-star hotels in the capital city, there’s nowhere else of decent standard.

Faroe Islands can be compared to Iceland in some ways, but they’re not touristic at all. From Prague it’s a two-leg commercial flight via Copenhagen or Paris. It’s not really comfortable to spend a whole day travelling and still be in Europe. With a private jet it’s direct at the time you want. 

Only approximately 100,000 people visit the Faroe Islands in a year. Iceland receives around 2 million. France expects over 90 million tourists this year.

Isn’t it rewarding to explore a place where so few others have ventured?

What did EliteVoyage Clients Think About the Faroe Islands?

We had two couples and a family with two teenage daughters. People on the trip all said that they would never consider Faroe Islands normally. But because it was only two nights they could try somewhere very interesting and different. They loved the efficiency of an Elite Trip.

In very little time they could explore a very remote destination, in absolute comfort, without any hassle or taking any risks with a new destination.

Another motivation for the trip was the Czech national football team playing against the Faroe Islands in a Euro 2024 qualifier.

Everyone agreed they wouldn’t return. They felt they experienced the essence of the Faroe Islands in three days.

Which again highlights the benefits of a trip by private jet. A longer trip and a long layover wouldn’t have been worth it, yet how many other people have experience somewhere like the Faroe Islands?

The Faroe Islands Experience

One highlight was Mullafussor Waterfall. It’s known as the only waterfall where the water doesn’t fall but floats up, because of the strong coastal winds. Except we had such perfect weather and the waterfall is definitely “falling!”

We went on a high-speed rib boat tour around the island of Hestur, beneath huge cliffs and into mysterious sea caves. Puffins and other rare birds were on the cliffs and the sea was so calm.

On Saturday we took a small ferry to Kalsoy, an island with one road, two villages and thousands of sheep. It’s where James Bond dies in No Time to Die and there’s a tombstone honouring him!

But the experience on Kalsoy was more about a beautiful hike and a picnic lunch. And the awesome lighthouse! The guests loved the very simple picnic lunch more than our Michelin lunch in Tuscany during May’s Elite Trip.

Almost all the food is fish in the Faroes. In the cosy Tarv Grill House we enjoyed local craft beer, some Faroese salmon and typical charcuterie. At a rustic restaurant Fiskastykkið  I tasted the best smoked salmon of my life, the fish coming direct from fjords next to the restaurant (it used to be a drying house for salted cod).

Local guides showed us around. We visited a very old blacksmith and listened to the story of the seal woman standing in front of the statue in Mikladalur. On a walking tour of the capital city we visited the world’s oldest parliament, where Viking kings met to make plans.

Have you seen Faroe houses with grass roofs? It’s so windy on the islands there are no trees. People only had wood from shipwrecks, so the houses were built with stone walls and grass roofs.

Now the people could use other building materials, but in Bour Village we saw people cutting grass on the roof! These unique grass roofs are still here because people take such pride in them.

And on Saturday evening we watched the Czech football team beat the Faroe Islands.

Upcoming Elite Trips

The entire experience was completely different to our last Elite Trip in Tuscany.

The concept of our Elite Trips is to experience the essence of a destination, in a weekend, with a small group like-minded people.

With private jets we can fly direct and maximise every moment of the holiday. I feel like we do more on a weekend than most people would do in a week.

Guests on Elite Trips create new friendships. Some guests have met on an Elite Trip and become business partners, so the trip cost was paid off many times over.

I’m now planning an Elite Trip to Montenegro in September. It will be a relaxed break with a few activities, while the weather is good and the sea is warm.

Then Marrakech in November. There are basically no direct commercial flights to these destinations, so these trips are an opportunity to conveniently and efficiently experience the best of somewhere new and exotic.

Travel by Private Jets

Private jets are good value. Especially when you put a price on your time. And the new friendships you create.

As Projects & Operations Director at EliteVoyage I create these unique Elite Trips and also help our clients access private air charters.

The world is big and there are new travel experiences to find in every direction. You are not restricted by commercial flights and traditional tourism.

Where do you really want to explore?

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