The World’s Coolest Horseback Experiences

Saddle up because we’re going on a ride. Alongside zebra and wildebeest to active volcanoes, then across Mongolian steppes to the Atlantic Coast and Caribbean Sea.

These are the world’s coolest horseback experiences because they create a completely new perspective on a destination. You explore where others simply can’t go. So let’s canter through our planet’s ultimate places to ride.

A Horseback Safari in Botswana

In the world’s largest inland delta there are very few routes for vehicles. So make your own trails in the wilderness instead, as you ride in elephant and lion country.

Gallop along traditional elephant routes and safari in Botswana’s hidden Okavango, riding along with zebra, wildebeest and other four-legged wonders.

You can spend a full week on a horseback expedition, joining the animal herds and staying at fly camps along the way.

Icelandic Horse Riding for All Ages

An African horseback safari is only for expert riders. Icelandic horses are beautiful and placid, perfect mounts for children and beginners.

Icelandic horses are almost as iconic as the glaciers and volcanoes you’ll experience.

You really feel the power of Iceland’s nature and get to explore areas that are simply inaccessible to vehicles.

Cantering Through Cappadocia, Turkey

You probably know Cappadocia because of its famous hot air balloons. It’s a fairytale landscape of caves and surreal rock formations.

Allow the gentle rhythm of your horses’ hooves lull you into the miraculous valleys, where you live the fairytale.

Everybody sees Cappadocia from the air. Very few people walk and canter through the orchards and fairytale chimneys. Yet this is how locals have travelled around for centuries.

Spanish Riding School in Vienna

White Lipizzan horses prance upon the sand. Classical dressage is artificially performed, at the world’s oldest horse riding academy.

Amid Vienna’s oldest jewels is its 450-year-old Spanish Riding School, inside the Hofburg Palace.

You go behind the scenes and meet with a local rider. Then take your seat in the Royal Box to savour a legendary spectacle in Austria.

Crossing the Mongolian Steppes on Horseback

Endless grass plains. The land of nomads. Exploring the unexplored on horseback. Welcome to Mongolia.

Gallop for hours across the Mongolian steppe, staying with nomads in their yurts and experiencing the freedom of a wild, uncharted landscape.

For centuries, Mongolian nomads have travelled by horseback. These small, stocky horses are ideal for long days galloping across open landscapes. If you want adventure, this is it. You can even meet eagle hunters who ride on horseback and use their birds to catch animals.

Want a Unique Holiday? On Horseback or Any Other Means?

Horseback Riding to Tuscan Vineyards

Come back from the Mongolian wilderness to something more indulgent, closer to home. Instead of galloping we’re walking now, in the shadow of medieval towers, country estates and vineyards.

An exclusive horseback adventure through Tuscan paradise, between scenic wineries around San Gimignano.

The wine just tastes better when you’ve just rode between the vines.

Ride Zuleteno Horses in the Ecuadorian Andes

Snow-capped volcanoes. Rolling green hills. Rugged mountain slopes. Thick forests and farming pastures. In the Andes you’ll find some glorious trails and the ultimate ride is a Zuleteno.

Part Spanish-Andalusian, part Thoroughbred and part American Quarter Horse, here’s a robust Andean horse that’s perfect for trail riding.

The best stables and purest Zuleteno breeding takes place on the hacienda of two former Ecuadorian presidents. And the president’s grandson could be your guide.

Ride the Atlantic Coast, Portugal

Europe’s wildest coastline is in Portugal and it’s a perfect setting for leisurely adventure. Travel on horseback across cliffs and open beaches, connecting small fishing villages not far from Lisbon.

Dunes, pine trees and beaches. Superb views and a seafood lunch.

This is a ride suitable for all ages and a great escape from the bustling streets of Portugal’s capital city.

Ride Mexico’s Jungle & Pacific Coastline

Ride through thick jungle, listening to the calls of birds and primates. Emerge at a beach inaccessible by road and let your horse run free. And maybe take your horse into shallow Pacific waves. Welcome to riding in Mexico.

This is a sea safari. On horseback you access rare stretches of coastline. Where you snorkel and swim before returning to your ride.

After a seafood lunch on the beach follow La Puerta river and swim at a secluded waterfall, before winding your way into the mountains of Mexico.

A Romantic Horseback Ride in Provence

Horseback is an ideal speed for exploration. Fast enough to experience different places but slow enough to really take them all in.

Trot through the vineyards and enjoy a lazy wander through lavender fields, before riding onto open sandy beaches.

This whimsical ride can be your movie moment in Provence, in a romantic setting that’s inspired by so many.

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