Europe’s Best Medical Wellness Destinations

Four holidays that will transform your long-term health.

These medical wellness destinations combine medical testing, consultation and treatment, with outstanding spa and wellness facilities. They’re calm and nurturing environments to have a holiday, while helping you to live longer and healthier.

The benefits of these holidays will be realised long after you return home.

What is Medical Wellness?

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

There are many outstanding hotel spas, like Burgenstock Resort, The Retreat at Blue Lagoon or any Six Senses property. Plus many great resorts with dedicated wellness programs, such as JOALI Being and Lefay Resort & Spa in Garda or the Dolomites.

Medical wellness is different because it adds detailed medical diagnosis and treatment to the wellness elements. It’s more than just having a great spa or massage therapist.

Medical wellness is about the holistic long-term improvement of your health. Everything must be individually tailored, because your health is absolutely individual.

Medical wellness holidays are usually at least one week. Anything less and you can’t create the long-term benefits. Many tailored programs are two weeks and more.

Why go on a Medical Wellness Holiday?

Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence

We’ve typically arranged medical wellness holidays for clients with health issues, chronic diseases and long-term risk factors to their health. Like a weight loss program for somebody at high risk of cardio-vascular disease. Now we’re seeing wider demand.

These holistic holidays will help you to live longer and they’re not just for “unhealthy” people. And these medical wellness destinations really are holidays.

Imagine. A serene environment to rest and relax. Beautiful nature to explore. A slow daily rhythm that helps you disconnect from everyday life and connect with your health and wellbeing. The feeling of regeneration, from a personal program of specialist therapies, remedies and activities.

Now imagine the results, from holidays with this specific results-based focus. Here are our four favourite medical wellness destinations in Europe. Contact us for a personalised comparison of the different options.

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SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

SHA Wellness Clinic

The world’s original medical wellness destination and still the best, famous for its healthy anti-ageing program that’s proven to help people live longer.

SHA mixes modern medical science with traditional Eastern therapies. We like how they dedicate time to focus on your stress, sleep, nutrition, digestion and internal health. On any morning you could have deep tissue massage, acupuncture, osteopathy, facial mesotherapy, lung detox nebulisation and intravenous ozonetherapy. We also like their group activities, like healthy cooking classes and hikes around the Bay of Altea.

SHA is a relaxed leisure destination, with all the medical facilities

SHA’s new residentially-styled suites are fantastic, especially those with private pools.

We’ve seen how people make many positive changes to their everyday life and lifestyle, thanks to what they learn and experience at SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain.



VIVAMAYR Altausee stands out for its calm atmosphere and exceptional variety of therapies. It’s a great destination for any solo traveller, a retreat amid beautiful alpine nature.

Like all the best medical wellness destinations, the programs are carefully personalised, including even your water consumption. These are based on detailed medical testing when you arrive.

A serene place for solo travel

Over ten days you could have electrolysis footbaths, abdominal treatments, liver compresses, anti-cellulite serum massages, colonic irrigation therapy, osteopathy, lymphatic drainage, water shiatsu, hypoxy fat-burning training and Kneipp hydrotherapy.

It’s not a usual Austrian holiday, more a place to have time alone, time to rest and reflect and reconnect with yourself. Here there is absolute comfort, a feeling of complete safety and trust.

Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence, Switzerland 

Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence, Switzerland

Waldhotel is the newest part of the iconic Burgenstock Resort, which has the world’s most scenic spa. The hotel was designed by sustainable architect Matteo Thun, who has delivered contemporary five-star luxury and an at-one-with-nature feel.

Waldhotel does offers dedicated wellness programs and they are a world leader in medical testing and analysis.

Like preventative colonoscopy, gastroscopy, examining the colon for polyps,dermatology checks, stress echocardiograms with cardiologists.

Waldhotel is a great option for a diverse holiday with a medical element

After two days of testing you discuss the results with a medical professor, so you can make important lifestyle changes.

Here guests only typically stay for three or four days. They often come with family or friends. Everyone has a holiday at the resort and in nature, with one person also doing the detailed medical program.

Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, Germany

Brenners Park Hotel & Spa

This 150-year-old hotel icon is located in Baden-Baden. Baden means “to bathe” in English and it was Roman soldiers who first discovered the healing springs of Baden-Baden. It’s now one of the UNESCO World Heritage great spa towns of Europe.

It’s a very grand old hotel, where Charles de Gaulle, Nelson Mandela and two US presidents have signed the guest book.

Some of the extensive spa facilities at Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa

Villa Stéphanie is the wellbeing part of the hotel, with 15 guest rooms and suites dedicated to the spa and wellness, all renovated in 2015.

The facilities incorporate preventative medicine, a world-renowned dental practice, aesthetic medicine, fitness programs and medical physiotherapy. It’s a great option if you want a less clinical approach and atmosphere, as you combine the medical wellness program with really high-end hotel hospitality.

Your Medical Wellness Holiday

With a medical wellness holiday there’s no alcohol. It’s not a typical holiday and it’s not for everybody. But think about how many more holidays you can enjoy, if you live ten years longer.

From our experience, very few people go on a medical wellness holiday once. They enjoy the holiday, experience the health benefits, then repeat the holiday the following year.

Everything is extremely personalised and that starts with your travel consultation. Ask us about these destinations and what will be best for your needs.

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