What to Expect from 2023 Travel – Trends & Predictions

Travel has changed so much in a year. Early last year the mood was of hopeful uncertainty.

In 2023 the mood is bold and ambitious, the feeling that anything can be possible.

We’ve explored the data to give you an inside track on the travel trends to expect in 2023. And we’ve made our best predictions for what promises to be a bumper year for holidays. 

Experiences are Integral to a Holiday

An experience with traditional Kazakh eagle hunter with his golden eagle in Mongolia.

Regardless of where you go, the holidays of doing nothing are changing. According to a GetYourGuide survey, 90% of travellers want to experience a new or unique activity on their holiday. 

There’s increased demand from our clients for authentic experiences and exploring a destination “like a local.” In 2023 it won’t just be where you go and where you stay, the stories will be about what you do.

Like eagle hunting with Kazakhs, truffle hunting in Provence, or fishing and cooking local seafood in Kotor Bay

The Opportunity to Explore New & Evolving Destinations 

Japan is our number one destination for 2023

A shift towards experiential travel connects all three of our top trending destinations for 2023: New Zealand, Kenya and Japan

In 2023 we’re also super excited about some new travel destinations, highly unique countries where experiences now combine with exceptional new hotels.

Saudi Arabia held many surprises for our travel designer Matous Grund

Like Saudi Arabia, visited by our travel designer Matous Grund in November 2022. It’s a modern country completely different from the stereotypes. In 2023 we’ll see the Saudi Arabia’s first five-star hotels opening on the Red Sea.

Only a year ago our holidays were being shaped by travel restrictions. Now there’s a freedom to go anywhere.

Is 2023 the year you make it to Antarctica?

Oman also offers amazing beaches, authentic culture and new hotels. We’ve seen significant demand for holidays in Colombia and the final frontier in luxury travel, Antarctica, where White Desert has a new camp called Echo Base

Where will you Holiday in 2023?

Travelling in the Off-Season or Shoulder Season

We ranked JOALI Maldives as our number one resort in the Maldives

A forecast by Economic Intelligence argues global travel will increase by 30% in 2023. Many studies show that people are splurging on travel, not spending less. You may already have noticed how the cost of great accommodation has jumped significantly, during peak season in popular destinations like Italy and the Maldives

In 2023 we predict a lot more travel during the off season or shoulder season. Our project director Stepan Borovec explored the Maldives in September and had amazing weather, even though it’s traditionally considered a “wrong time” to travel.

Sometimes the off season is “off” for a good reason, like hurricanes or snowless ski slopes. But there’s never a wrong time for a holiday and our travel designers will advise on exciting places to go, whichever month you want to travel. 

2023’s New Hotels

Rosewood Villa Magna in Madrid

Now we finally can go anywhere again, there’s even greater demand to be there first. 

We always want to be there first when a new hotel opens and there are many on our 2023 shortlist. 

Every new hotel takes a few months to perfect its operations, but there’s this wonderful feeling of anticipation and excitement when you visit a new hotel that’s really new. 

  • In 2022 we explored the new Rosewood Villa Magna and Rosewood Vienna, for 2023 we look forward to Rosewood Munich. 
  • Portrait Milano just opened in Milan’s fashion district, from the same people behind the excellent Portrait Firenze
  • Anantara Koh Yao Yai will open on a private island in Thailand. 
  • COMO le Montrachet will be a contemporary wine and spa retreat in Burgundy, France.
  • Raffles will open their first UK hotel, at The OWO in London.
  • One & Only are opening a new hotel in Athens and Six Senses will open in Rome
  • The biggest and most ambitious new hotel for 2023 will be Atlantis the Royal in Dubai. It opens on February 10th 2023 and our CEO Petr Udavsky will be on one of the first guests. 

Your 2023 Holiday

Gorilla trekking is sustainable, unique and off the grid. So will Rwanda be a top destination in 2023?

We think 2023 will be the year of travel like no other. Of course we would say that, but our emphasis here is not on the year, but having a holiday that’s completely unique to you. 

Some trends are here to stay, like sustainable travel, wellness holidays, getting off the grid and choosing boutique hotels over corporate chains. 

2023 will be the year of having a holiday completely unique to you

2023 will be the year of no-normal travel, a year of doing the unexpected on holiday. This might be finally realising a destination that’s long been on your bucket list. Or taking a holiday in a destination you never knew existed just a month ago. 

In 2023 we have the freedom to do whatever we truly feel like doing, in wherever we wish to go. The world is giving you permission to do whatever your heart desires. So where will you holiday in 2023?

Where will you Holiday in 2023?


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