Parisian Gastronomy - Luxury Food Tours


Calling all foodies seeking the magic of French cuisine. Your nose shows the way to freshly made pastries. Your eyes absorb the vibrancy of market stalls. However, it’s your sense of taste that leads the show, as you prepare your tastebuds for an array of personalised tours.

From cooking workshops under the guidance of a Michelin-starred chef, to masterclasses in the kitchen of a Parisian palace, these are gourmet experiences full of luxury with flavours most refined. Authentic exploration and gastronomic splendour are an easy guarantee, as you welcome recipes and skills that will stick with you for life.

Bustling market visits add to the fun, for it is here that interaction and exchange is most raw. Ingredients selected, head back to your workstation. This time, you bake in the company of a zealous local, his apartment overlooking the city’s chic cream streets. Following each session comes a chance to try your seductive creation. French cheeses and chocolates complete this picture, paired with a glass of sparkling wine.

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