Sturgeon Caviar And Bordeaux Wines

The French know a thing or two about wine and caviar and while visiting France’s largest region, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, you too can learn all there is to know with glass of Bordeaux in hand.

This particular region is a treasure trove for fine wine and food, and you’ll have the chance to learn from a French craftsman as they divulge secrets from the land and sea. You’ll watch as they turn grapes into a drink tres magnifique and then make your own bottle of Grand Cru in the process. When you’ve returned from your trip, you’ll have that special part of your journey with you to enjoy in drink form.

You’ll also pop on your waders and venture out to the water too, getting fully stuck in to seeing how the delicacy that is caviar is born. Aquitaine Caviar is one of the most refined dishes going, produced locally from sturgeon eggs and raised in ponds and rivers. Once back on dry land you can feast in your caviar and sip your wine, experiencing both delicacies you’ve picked up and learnt about along the way. We’re licking our lips in anticipation.

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