Stunning Cap Ferret - Oyster Farm Experience


Sample special oysters from France’s finest lagoon. A sophisticated delicacy of the southwest coast, this world-renowned mollusk has been celebrated throughout history. Indeed, its distinct qualities once earned the praise of romantic Roman poets.

Your day begins with a boat ride along the Arcachon and Cap Ferret shores. From the comfort of your private vessel, marvellous water scenes unroll, embellished by the backdrop of Europe’s highest sand dune. Rustic oyster farms also paint this picture. The authentic bustle of these breeding harbours bring life to the land.

Waterside restaurants, too, slowly appear, giving the bay a dazzling new side. Learn all about the oyster harvest, then finally taste the famed shellfish yourself. Within your picturesque lunch spot, a regional feast arrives. The flavours of this banquet impresses you, as you dig into dishes that are fresh and refined. A natural treat for any gourmet, this is an immersive experience that is arrangeable all year-round.

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