Immersive Truffle Hunting Experience in Istria

Embark on a truffle hunt across Istria, and discover why this prized delicacy remains adored. The search itself is a famous tradition. In the company of local experts and their trained dogs, excitement and adrenaline levels are high. The setting too is wildly gorgeous. The ambience itself is authentic and raw.

This is a private experience that lasts two hours, and can be arranged all year-round. Pursue these gastronomic treasures beside the Karlić family, and let them introduce you into their adventurous trade. As third generation truffle hunters, they are masters of the craft.

Explore an unseen side of Croatia together. An intimate tasting capitalising on your catch comes next. Indulge in fresh truffle creations, as your native hosts reveal the history of the land. Share amusing anecdotes and laughs, amid tranquil country. Purchase high-quality products from their shop - the perfect edible souvenir to take home.

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