Relais Christine Paris

Tomáš Safarik

Private Consultant
"A hotel that is small in stature but grand in ambition. This is a boutique, less-known hotel, where the atmosphere is cosy and personal rather than the utmost luxury. It’s perfect if you want something that feels more homey than some of the larger hotels over the river. So if you want to feel like you’re living in the real Paris, this is a perfect choice."

Stay at the Relais Christine

Imagine sitting in a magnolia scented courtyard, cocktail in hand. You notice French chatter around you, such is the clientele of this hotel that stretches far beyond tourists.Welcome to the Relais Christine, a hidden gem in the heart of trendy Saint-Germain-de-Pres. You’re off the beaten track but still close by to Paris’s best sights. Low-key, neighbourhood vibes abound whilst the service and decor remind you that this is still a top-notch hotel.


You’ll find the Relais Christine hotel tucked away in a quiet street in the Saint-Germain-de-Pres, Paris’ art district. The Seine is just moments away and the streets nearby are packed with galleries, bars and restaurants. The 6th arrondissement feels much more low key than the famous first over the river, and it's all the more charming for it.


Considering there are only 48 of them, the hotel boasts a large range of rooms. They range from cozy rooms better suited for one person, to high ceilinged doubles, to unusual duplexes where the bed is on a mezzanine. All scream comfort and are decorated in a classic Parisian style with plenty of taupe, red, gold and teal.

Who is it for

Artistic types will love the vibe and uniqueness of the place as well as the clientele which ranges from tourists to gallery owners and artists who are known to frequent the lounge and bar.

Amenities & Activities

Whilst there is no pool or full restaurant on site, the hotel makes up for it in other ways It sits on a 13th century abbey whose vaults are used for breakfast. The small spa is also subterranean; imagine bubbling away in a hot tub under 700 year old vaulted ceilings. The garden is also stunning, with trailing magnolias. Imaginative Cocktails come as standard, of course; this is the arty 6th arrondissement after all.

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