Michal Patek

Travel Designer


13 years



100% occupied


My affinity for travel is showcased through a continuous quest for remote, uncharted destinations. Each place further fuels my love for nature and discovery: the serene vastness of Mongolia, rugged terrains of Chile, changing landscapes of New Zealand, waters of Portugal and Antarctica´s great expanses. 

Travel transcends mere movements between places. It’s a philosophical journey as much as a physical one, creating a profound connection with the world in its unadulterated form. I’ve been a travel designer at EliteVoyage since the company was founded and bringing this perspective is central to everything I have created. I believe travel is a means to appreciate the world’s diverse tapestry and I want to inspire not only wanderlust, but a deeper connection to the places, people and cultures our clients visit. 

My personal pursuits – walking, cycling, swimming – provide a lens for me to experience the world’s unspoiled beauty. Their simplicity and slow pace connect me to nature’s elemental force and the essence of travel. Photography is also special for me. It’s a chance to preserve the ephemeral moments that embody the atmosphere and essence of a destination.

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