Tomáš Safarik

Private Consultant
"Sleeping on ice is undeniably a one-of-a-kind experience, as long as you’re prepared to forget the luxury of a typical 5-star hotel. Since Ice Hotel operates seasonably, staff change annually, and this naturally affects service. So while this is still an adventure worth having, be sure to manage expectations as far as some logistics go."

Stay at the ICEHOTEL

You’ve seen all the photos. You’ve heard the tales - that somewhere above the Arctic Circle is a glacial hotel carved entirely of snow and ice. Re-built from scratch every year, these stirring structures are gifted by different international artists. Hence, the beauty here is ephemeral, to be cherished in the moment.By day, explore the white wonderland that surrounds by snowmobile or husky sled. At sunset, stay present. Watch the colours of twilight pierce the chilled suites. Notice the intricate touches that make each frosty room distinct. As darkness falls, the time comes to enter your “igloo”. Armed with thermals, boots and Arctic sleeping bags, this is one night’s slumber you simply won’t forget.


Based in the village of Jukkasjärvi, a whopping 125 miles above the Arctic Circle, Ice Hotel is as much an experience as it is a stay. A pure product of its environment, you can expect wintry remoteness, though excursions like husky sledding are never in short supply.


What’s most unique here are the ice suites - each individiaully recreated yearly, resembling art installations more than hotel rooms. The tightly compacted snow makes them impeccably sound-insulated. Don’t expect too much from the non-ice accommodation, however. While comfortable, they lack the flourish to make them stand out.

Who is it for

Despite not being an adults-only property, we wouldn’t really recommend this place to families, as the ice rooms could prove a challenge for those with young kids. Nonetheless, those craving something new will relish the ingenuity of this place.

Amenities & Activities

Though not as memorable as spending a night on ice, there is a sauna, restaurant and bar. Or you could choose to dine at the old Homestead. Though this isn’t known as a culinary destination, dishes from the “ice menu” can be inventive, served on frozen blocks of ice. Activities such as ice driving and cross-country skiing provide ample daytime thrills.

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