Sleeping on ice in an artistic ice suite is a one-of-a-kind experience, when you’re prepared to forget the luxury of a typical 5-star hotel. The service is hit and miss and we only recommend one night, but it is an adventure worth having.

Stay at Ice Hotel Sweden

Sleeping at Ice Hotel Sweden

You’ve probably seen the photos and heard the tales - that somewhere above the Arctic Circle is a glacial hotel carved entirely of snow and ice. Built new every year, the hotel’s suites are carved by different international artists. Hence, the beauty here is ephemeral, to be cherished in the moment. Armed with thermals, boots and Arctic sleeping bags, this is one night’s slumber you simply won’t forget.


Based in the village of Jukkasjärvi, in the Arctic Circle, Ice Hotel is remote but also quite accessible. It’s a 20-minute transfer from Kiruna Airport and town. A pure product of its environment, you can expect wintry remoteness, though excursions like husky sledding are never in short supply.


Forget the basic ice rooms and the permanent none-ice accommodation. We only recommend the ice suites, each absolutely unique and sure to melt not long after your stay. During the day the hotel is a public art gallery, so you can’t actually use your room. At night you’re provided with an Arctic sleeping bag and boots to walk from the dry changing area to your ice bed covered in reindeer skins. This is a one night experience and you leave your luggage in the dry area. Note there are no en-suite facilities or ice bathrooms.

Who is it for

Despite not being an adults-only property, we wouldn’t really recommend this place to families, as the ice rooms will prove a challenge for children. The Ice Hotel is all about experiencing something different, for one night, as part of a longer stay in Arctic Sweden.

Facilities & activities

Though not as memorable as spending a night on ice, there is a sauna, restaurant and bar. Dining at the old Homestead is pretty good. By day, explore the winter wilderness by husky ride or snowmobile, although all the activities on offer can be done elsewhere in the region.

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