Tree Hotel

This is one of the most unique hotels in the world, and quite possibly the most famous in all of Sweden. Both an epic experience and a distinct stay, we mainly recommend 7th Room. It’s the newest, most luxurious and has its own shower. It’s also high enough to escape the mozzies - though you should still pack your repellent just in case.

Stay at Tree Hotel

If you haven’t heard of this place already, well, kindly whip out your bucket list. For this is a contender that deserves advancing to the top. The concept is simple, hanging treehouses raised between the canopy. The result? An extraordinary collection of floating abodes beyond your wildest Lapland dreams.All stays are minimalist and eco-friendly. So, a UFO, Bird’s Nest or mirrored cube, which will it be? Either way, you’ll enjoy your morning coffee amid the tree tops, savouring an endearing silence that affords true peace of mind. Observe evolving landscapes in the distance, then explore the pine woods on foot, taking a tour of the other treehouses and deliberating your favourites. A quick dip in the sauna alleviates your body, before Britta’s homemade dinners by the fire feeds your soul.


A remote base elevated in the forests of Lapland, Tree Hotel is near the small town of Harads. The closest airport to fly into is Luleå, from which it is a 70-minute drive. Among fishing ventures and interactions with Sami herders, Aurora-gazing is also pristine.


Alongside the 8 guest rooms in Britta’s Pensionat, there are 7 treehouses. The first, Mirrorcube, features a rooftop terrace and reflective, camouflaged exterior. Second largest Dragonfly is also futuristic, with large windows and foldable ceiling TV. Quirky Bird’s Nest takes the shape of a giant twig nest. With its starry ceiling and spaceship exterior, UFO also resembles its name. The Cabin hosts a long bridge entry and balcony seating. Meanwhile, wooden Blue Cone wins points for quaintness. Finally, there’s 7th Room, the latest and largest of them all. Effortlessly elevated, it also comes with a 10-metre high net floor.

Who is it for

Wanton choice makes this an awesome base for all. Mirrorcube and The Cabin are perfect for couples. All other treehouses sleep more than two, with 7th Room, Bird’s Nest and UFO being especially fun for families.

Facilities & activities

Outdoor activities come in the form of moose safaris, ice fishing and ziplining on-site. Dog sledding and Northern Lights photography are also popular. Meals are served homemade at the Pensionat, in a rustic dining room courtesy of Britta. Beyond, there are two separate sauna areas and a hot tub.

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