Ett Hem Stockholm

Tomáš Safarik

Private Consultant
"An ultra-cosy abode in the heart of the Swedish capital, Ett Hem redefines luxury by abandoning the artificial, instead encouraging guest ease to the core. If you want an intimate atmosphere, we can’t recommend this place enough."

Stay at the Ett Hem Stockholm

Welcome to Ett Hem, or in other words, home, where from the moment you arrive, a warm fuzzy feeling engulfs and makes itself known. Roam the style-conscious corners of this highly private estate, appreciating stucco ceilings, inviting armchairs and gloriously rustic, original wood floors. This attention to detail is matched by a faultless location, letting you wander Stockholm’s treasures to your heart’s content.But ironically, you anticipate your return more, longingly picturing yourself curled up on the sofa, book and glass of wine in hand. Or perhaps today you’ll take tea in the glasshouse, before retreating for a therapy at the hammam. Come evening and it’s time for perhaps your favourite exchange. You settle in by the kitchen, the building’s laidback and lively soul, ready to relish a five-course menu and banter with chefs you already adore.


Elegantly placed in the coveted embassy district, the hotel holds one of the most exclusive addresses in Stockholm and is luxuriously close to the city centre. And yet, nestled between Lärkstaden’s upmarket residential buildings, the area remains calm and peaceful.


Housed within a stylish red brick townhouse built in 1910, the property is small in size and incredibly cosy. Just 12 rooms spread across three floors, including seven suites. The name itself means “home” in Swedish, and this is exactly what the design achieves.

Who is it for

This is an ideal stay for those seeking homely ambience and some quiet. Though there is a grown-up feel, children are welcome and accommodated via special restaurant menus, babysitting services and cuddly toy surprises.

Amenities & Activities

As well as a restaurant, bar, fitness centre and spa, the ground floor is occupied by a range of leisurely spaces. Prepare to fawn over each special nook, from the sophisticated living room complete with grand piano, to an open kitchen and conservatory with adjoining garden. A well-curated and regularly re-stocked book and movie library also features.

Do you like Ett Hem Stockholm?

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