Introducing Georgia

Spectacular mountains, fun-loving people, a hip capital city and ancient wine tradition. Georgia offers nature, history and unique culture, on the grandest of scales. 

This small country is a trending adventure destination. There’s now a direct flight connection between capital city Tbilisi and Vienna. 

We teamed up with our partners at Sky Travel in Georgia, to present this insight into the Georgian holiday experience. 

First, Tbilisi

Tbilisi city at sunrise

Georgia’s colourful capital city, Tblisi, has emerged as one of Europe’s coolest new places to hangout. 

Traditional Old Town of Tbilisi, Georgia

Yet it’s still a city dominated by traditions. You can visit a bakery where shoti bread is baked on coals. 

Domes of Tbilisi’s sulphur baths.

Tbilisi was founded on its sulphur baths. Experience a private VIP hall with hot and cold-water pools and a massage, at this iconic Georgian institution. 

Now Let’s Take to the Skies

Gergeti Trinity Church in Kazbegi

Georgia is a spectacular country, with snow-covered mountains, deep green valleys and untouched wilderness. Is there a more beautiful setting in Europe than this?

Ballooning and buggy riding in Georgia

Georgia’s landscapes are best experienced from the air. Last year, we partnered with Sky Travel to arrange a helicopter flight for one of our clients. We also recommend a hot air ballooning and buggy adventure in Georgia. What an adventure!

It’s Time to Drink Wine

One of many traditional wine Cellars in Telavi

Georgia claims to be the birthplace of wine. You can see where the ancient tradition of making wine in clay jars is being kept alive. 

Making wine in clay pots in Mtskheta

Tbilisi has some interesting organic wine bars. Although it’s just as interesting to meet a winemaker or be invited into a home to drink with the locals. 

A wine festival in Tbilisi

Hospitality is essential to daily life in Georgia and guests are considered blessings. With local guides, your Georgia holiday will involve a lot of hosts and wine. 

Next, Do Some Mountain Exploration in North Georgia

Village Of Gergeti In Georgia

Georgia is dominated by incredible mountains. Kazbegi is the best known destination for hiking adventures, like the hike along Chaukhi Gorge. 

Mount Kazbek in the Caucasus Mountains

Hikes can be one day into the snow, in the middle of summer. Or multi-day adventures in places where few tourists venture. Or just a casual walk in these stunning surroundings. 

Let’s Go Deep Into History, All Across Georgia

Defensive towers in Mestia in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region

Across Europe, much of the ancient history has been wiped away by a millennia war and then modern development. In Georgia you can really feel the ancient past. Like Rabath Castle, close to the town of Borjomi. Or the towers of Mestia. 

Khertvisi Fortress

Explore the medieval fortress Khertvisi, which looks like it could be in the Scottish Highlands. 

Cave city Vardzia

Cappadocia in Turkey is famous for its underground cave city. Do you know about Vardzia, a 12th-century complex of 250 caves that unfolds over 13 storeys. 

Georgia is Entwined with Early Christian History

Murals inside Gremi Fortress

Georgia was one of the first places to adopt Christianity, 1700 years ago. You can experience this history in its old churches, where murals have been expertly preserved.

The Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, near Tbilisi

Or the Gergeti Holy Trinity Church, where Georgians hid their relics during many medieval centuries of invasions. 

Ancient icon of Jesus Christ inside Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta

Svetitskhoveli is one of Georgia’s holiest places and biggest temples, where the tunic of Jesus Christ is said to be buried. 

Now Travel to Svaneti in Northwest Georgia

Ushguli village at the foot of Mt. Shkhara, Upper Svaneti, Georgia.

Less visited than Kazbegi, Svaneti is a historical province where nature really reigns supreme. Try the hike from Ushguli to the Shkhara Glacier.

Georgian men and a girl sing in local dresses and dance in Ushguli.

Its main village is Mestia. Here you will be hosted by Vakhtang Filfani, a famous singer promoting Svanetian folklore and culture on a worldwide stage. Or get involved with local folklore on a mountain hike. 

Batumi on the Black Sea is a Different Insight into Georgia

The old part of Batumi has been completely renovated, preserving the historical style. The house facades are decorated with mermaids, atlantes and caryatids. 

Batumi Old Town

The modern city is an awesome sight at night, when the new buildings are illuminated in colourful lights. 

Batumi at night

Even here you won’t find luxury in a typical five-star hotel. Georgia is all about exploring these new and interesting places, that are yet to be changed by tourism. 

Interested in Exploring Georgia

Gergeti Trinity Church at sunrise.

Holiday anywhere, any time. At EliteVoyage we partner with a global network of local specialists, so wherever you want to go, we can create a luxury holiday for you. 

Alazan Valley is to the east of Georgia, another destination you could explore.

Georgia is completely different from the usual holiday experience. Do you want to set trends and explore destinations like Georgia?

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