Extraordinary Arctic Cruise Experiences This Summer

The future of cruising is more exclusive, experiential, sustainable and comfortable. The future of cruising is an expedition on the ocean, to rarely explored places, like the Arctic.

It’s something being pioneered by Scenic Eclipse, a vessel combining the versatility of an expedition ship with the space and personalisation of a private yacht.

Scenic is a young Australian owner-operated cruise company helping to redefine luxury cruising, both on board Scenic Eclipse and their off ship experiences.

We explore four of their Arctic cruise experiences, all great options for a different kind of holiday this summer.

Scenic Eclipse

Introducing Scenic Eclipse

Scenic Eclipse is essentially a mega yacht for 228 guests, built predominantly to explore the polar regions. Senior Captain Erwan Le Rouzic told us:

Our stabilisers are 50% larger than other ships of similar size and our azipod propulsion system reduces vibrations and noise, so you sail in more comfort even in rough seas.

Accommodation is another area where Scenic have reimagined cruising. It’s an all-suite concept, where the entry-level accommodations are 32 square metres, with floor-to-ceiling windows, balcony and butler service.

Deluxe Verandah Suite on Scenic Eclipse

The drinks and dining options are similar to what you’d expect at a top private island resort, with varying experiences and a high degree of space and privacy.

All passengers can be deployed on activities and excursions within 20 to 30 minutes of the captain pushing the dynamic positioning button – a more sustainable alternative to an anchor.

So there’s no waiting around. And part of your itinerary will be adventures in a submersible Scenic Neptune, on two twin engine helicopters, in zodiac boats and kayaks, as well as the explorations on land.

Helicopter excursion from Scenic Eclipse

Exploring the Arctic on Scenic Eclipse

Traditional cruise ships have fixed schedules. Scenic Eclipse offers expeditions, ever-changing to the environment. Senior Captain Erwan Le Rouzic says:

In the polar regions there is no plan B, only several plan A’s. We adjust speed and route to enjoy the moment. In late summer, when nights exist again, we observe the Aurora Borealis.

Nature will be your guide on these expeditions, as you truly disconnect from everyday life. And discover the wonders of the Arctic in exceptional comfort.

A zodiac excursion in Greenland

We recommend Scenic Eclipse for couples or families with teenage children. It’s a small ship experience, with an almost 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio and a huge amount of personal space and privacy.

These are our favourite four itineraries for summer 2024. All feature a special promo rate for Verandah and Deluxe Verandah suite categories.

We love these expeditions because they exemplify the reason to go on a cruise: to explore places that are simply inaccessible by other means.

1. Arctic Circle & Northern Europe Discovery

18 days. Tromsø (Norway) to Tromsø. Departing 25th June. 

€12,410 per person in a Verandah or Deluxe Verandah suite. 

Scenic Eclipse in the Lofoten Islands

Sail through towering fjords, marvel at contrasting landscapes, explore cute cobblestone towns and discover Arctic wildlife.

This voyage starts above the Arctic Circle and offers a very varied itinerary, from lava fields and hot springs to waterfalls and fjords.

It’s perfect if you want a very relaxing holiday, beneath the midnight sun, with a mix of local culture, wildlife, history, and all the mesmerising vistas.

It’s slow-paced exploration all along the Norwegian coast, past the Lofoten Islands and then circumnavigating Iceland, before returning to Tromsø.

2. Beyond the Arctic Circle: Svalbard

12 days. Tromsø to Oslo. Departing 12th July. 

€8580 per person in a Verandah or Deluxe Verandah suite. 

Spotting a polar bear from Scenic Eclipse, in Svalbard

Whales, wolverines, seabirds, seals and polar bears. Nature leads the way on this very flexible 11-night route voyage around Svalbard.

Expect the frozen tundra, epic glaciers and fjords, snow-capped mountains, sparkling icebergs and a lot more. You’re truly venturing into a final frontier, the Arctic wilderness.

This is a true polar expedition, perfect for people who love nature. The Arctic is changing rapidly, so for how much longer will this kind of travel experience be possible?

The itinerary is completely flexible, as the captain adjusts the day to day program based on wildlife and nature opportunities.

3. Eastern Greenland & Iceland Expedition

10 days. Reykjavik (Iceland) to Reykjavik. Departing 14th August.

€6840 per person in a Verandah or Deluxe Verandah suite.

Godafoss waterfall is among the iconic sights visited in Iceland

Traditional Inuit culture. Vast alpine moonscapes. Icebergs, active volcanoes and the spray from towering waterfalls.

Western Iceland and Eastern Greenland feature some of the most breathtaking scenery on our planet. This ten-day cruise explores the best of it.

This itinerary offers exceptional value considering the rarity of the places you explore. It’s perfect for couples who want to holiday somewhere completely new.

Cruise through the world’s largest fjord system, hike around glacial wonders, kayak among icebergs in mirror-like bays. Embrace an area of the world that remains truly untouched.

4. Uncover Greenland & Canada

15 days. Copenhagen to Copenhagen. Departing 5th September. 

€9940 per person in a Verandah or Deluxe Verandah suite.

Baffin Island, Canada

An expedition into an unknown region. Through spectacular fjords to traditional Inuit communities, past the soaring cliffs of Kangiqtualuk Uqquqti and Baffin Island.

Very few people even know places like this even exist. You’ll be cruising past giant icebergs floating in the ocean, venturing to wild and untouched lands.

This cruise is ideal for adventurous couples. It combines the privacy and tranquillity of a resort-style holiday, with exploration in highly unusual and undiscovered places.

Departing from Copenhagen you cover good distance, first along the Greenland coast, then to Canada’s remote northeastern coastline and Baffin Island.

Will You Try the New Cruise Pioneers?

Cruising is not like its old stereotypes. Well, it is, for the mass market. But cruising is being redefined for discerning travellers.

This is your opportunity to explore places where few people have been before. To enjoy adventures in wild landscapes and come face to face with nature. And to do so in complete comfort, with the amenities and luxuries you’d expect at a top island resort.

Scenic Eclipse cruising in the Arctic Circle

We only partner with a small group of contemporary cruise companies, who we trust to deliver the service and quality our clients demand.

We’ll be delighted to tell you more about Scenic and the different cruises they offer.

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