EliteVoyage Qualifies for Pristine Mood Sustainability Program

EliteVoyage has joined the first sustainability qualification for luxury travel. We’re only the third travel company to qualify for this dedicated program.

This is what it means for your travels.

What is Pristine Mood?

Costa Rica is one of the world’s most sustainable travel destinations, a pioneer in combining luxury with a strong environmental focus.

Globally, there are hundreds of sustainability qualifications. Sustainability is the “in” thing and there’s greenwashing, everywhere. Before Pristine Mood, we didn’t think any of these general programs reflected the unique wonders and challenges of luxury travel. We didn’t see how a sustainability qualification could improve your holidays.

Pristine Mood is a program created by Serandipians, a network of agencies representing the very best of travel design, globally. The program has over 100 actions specific to the luxury travel industry.

The aim is for qualified agencies, like EliteVoyage, to collaborate together and help turn the luxury travel industry into a positive example for the entire travel and hospitality industries.

How Will Pristine Mood Improve Your Holidays?

Six Senses are global leaders for sustainable luxury hospitality. This is their Laamu resort in the Maldives.

EliteVoyage will implement over 60 sustainability actions over the next 12 months. These cover everything from actions in our office to establishing partnerships with NGOs and more sustainable suppliers.

Through Serandipians and Pristine Mood you’ll have preferential access to the most sustainable luxury hotels, experiences and destinations. You’ll be able to experience the biggest developments in sustainable travel, long before they become trends.

We’ll grow stronger collaborations with hotels and local operators who share our vision for more sustainable travel, like Soneva resorts. Ultimately we’re guided by you. With us you can holiday anywhere. But we’ll be sharing travel ideas that are not only outstanding, but sustainable as well.

And wouldn’t it be amazing if your holiday was having a positive impact on the planet? We can change so much of our everyday life to become more sustainable. Surely our holidays can be good for the planet as well?

Can Luxury Holidays Be Sustainable?

Flying to Antarctica on a private jet may not seem sustainable, but our partner White Desert flies guests to their camps on a Gulfstream G550 using sustainable aviation fuel.

We believe sustainable holidays are better holidays. Fully sustainable travel shouldn’t be an aspiration, it should be our collective expectation.

We don’t have all the answers, nobody does. But we can all take small steps. Sustainability isn’t the future, it’s the here and now, we’re all on our own journey and towards it.

Yet we don’t like the general narrative, people telling us to reduce our carbon footprint by travelling less. Travel less! Travel teaches us so much and inspires us to make so many positive changes.

Instead of focusing on the problem and travelling less, we want to be part of the solution. By collaborating with other luxury travel companies we can help make luxury holidays more sustainable.

Can Your Holiday be More Sustainable?

Yes. It can and it will.

When luxury holidays are more sustainable you can feel better and explore more, and positively change your habits. That’s a big reason why we joined the Pristine Mood program.

Over the next year we hope you’ll notice some of the small steps we are taking. And over the next few years, we hope your holidays become even better, because they are more sustainable.

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