Remarkable New Holiday Experiences at Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne

Imagine a biographer ghostwriting your memoirs, while you’re on holiday at one of Europe’s best alpine resorts?

This is one of the remarkable new time-limited experiences on offer at Bürgenstock Resort, as part of the resort’s 150th year celebrations.

One of the world’s most beautiful hotel spas is reason enough to stay at Bürgenstock. We love their innovative approach to holidays.

This beautiful alpine resort in Switzerland also launched new culinary experiences, spa packages and summer events.

A Personal Biographer Will Write Your Memoirs

A Burgenstock suite

Bürgenstock Resort is collaborating with award-winning writers, so you can create your biography while on holiday.

You’ll spend up to five hours doing informal interviews with a biographer. Each biographer is handpicked, depending on your own life. For example, a business specialist if you want a biography about your business success.

Tell your story to the biographer in different natural settings across the resort, as well as over a three-course dinner. And spend three nights enjoying Bürgenstock Resort’s legendary facilities.

On every holiday you create stories to tell your friends and family. With this holiday your story will be documented forever.

After the holiday you’ll receive 20 paperback editions of your biography, complete with customised cover design and inside photo pages, plus the digital e-book.

More Remarkable Experiences for 2023

The iconic Bürgenstock Spa

Bürgenstock Resort’s 2023 calendar of events reflects the resort’s pioneers. Franz Josef Bucher and Josef Durrer opened Bürgenstock in 1873 and later founded the world’s first hotel chain.

By 1888 they’d opened Switzerland’s first funicular railway and the highest outdoor elevator in Europe. And by the mid-20th century, Bürgenstock Resort was Europe’s most glamorous holiday resort – Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn were married here!

For their 150 year anniversary there’s a new Beauty Lounge in the spa, plus a series of Spa Journeys to elevate their already legendary wellness offering.

Add to this an exclusive Bürgenstock cigar, Burgenberg cheese, locally brewed beer and a big anniversary party.

New Culinary Experiences at Burgenstock Resort

Dining at Burgenstock Resort

We’ve always loved Bürgenstock Resort for the different places you can eat. For example, taking a private helicopter flight through the Swiss Alps, then touching down on a glacier for Swiss raclette.

For 2023 they’ve added a spectacular Sunset Garden Dinner and Opera dinner.

Celebrated hotel chefs from across the world will visit Bürgenstock Resort throughout the autumn as part of their Chefs United Legends Edition.

These events are highly exclusive and not yet on sale to the general public. We can advise you personally on dates and secure reservations.

A Year-Round Holiday at Bürgenstock Hotel & Alpine Spa

Another dining venue at Bürgenstock Resort

Bürgenstock Resort has different hotels for different tastes and budgets. We always recommend the Bürgenstock Hotel & Alpine Spa. It’s the most luxurious and the facilities are superb.

Not just the alpine spa, with its mesmerising view, but all the sports and wellness facilities for an extended holiday during the summer.

This was where Sophia Loren lived, James Bond Goldfinger was filmed, and many of our clients have enjoyed a great holiday.

Do you want somebody to write your biography?

Or do you want to experience why Bürgenstock Resort has been one of Europe’s ultimate places to stay for 150 years?

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