Rosewood Schloss Fuschl Just Opened – We Checked It Out

Rosewood Schloss Fuschl opened yesterday!

As the only Rosewood Elite member in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we were invited to the pre-opening weekend, to experience a two-night stay at this new lakeside property.

Stepan Borovec and Matty Grund reveal all in this detailed hotel inspection, which covers style, location, experiences, wellness, service, dining, and a comparison of all room and suite categories.

The location is so picturesque

Located on the lakeshore, 30 minutes from Salzburg, Rosewood Schloss Fuschl will be an excellent hotel for almost all our clients, especially considering the exclusive Rosewood Elite benefits.

This new castle property is the perfect short-break destination, for couples, families and groups of friends. It’s paradise for both active, outdoor people and people seeking a tranquil retreat with good wellness.

However, as with any new hotel, not everything is perfect…yet. And there are many things you should know before booking.

Rosewood Schloss Fuschl – In Summary

Matty Grund at the hotel’s SeeTerrasse

“Rosewood Schloss Fuschl was only a 4.5-hour drive from Prague” says Matty. “It has a stunning and very peaceful lakeside location, in the foothills of the Alps.

There are many activities and experiences, especially for active people. We discovered excellent dining, a laid-back atmosphere, and a hotel that suits a wellness stay too.

The overall quality of rooms and suites is superb, although there are key considerations to make before booking.

As with most new hotels, not everything is perfect and the team needs time to gel. It could be some time before the service matches the level we expect from Rosewood properties.

Rosewood is aware it’s not perfect, something which is reflected in the pricing. We fully expect this hotel to cost considerably more next year.

As the only Rosewood Elite partner in all of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we offer our clients exclusive benefits at any Rosewood property. At Schloss Fuschl this means we offer:

  • Guaranteed best available room rate
  • Guaranteed room upgrade at time of booking
  • Early check in and late check out, based on availability

Signature Style & Atmosphere

Rosewood converted this former hunting lodge and hotel

Stepan Borovec gives his detailed review of this new hotel.

“The Schloss (castle or palace) was built in the 15th century as a hunting lodge and summer residence for the Archbishop of Salzburg.

It became a hotel after WWII. In more recent years it was a dated and somewhat tired hotel, in a stunning location.

Rosewood has clearly invested tens of millions in the renovation. The design is contemporary while preserving a sense of history, resembling a signature style we’ve seen at many Rosewood properties, like Rosewood Munich, Rosewood Vienna and Rosewood Madrid.

Deluxe Heritage Suite bedroom

If you’ve stayed at a Rosewood before you will recognise the style. And if you’ve not, Rosewood Schloss Fuschl will make for an emblematic introduction.

The design honours the building’s heritage, but it’s also so modern and stylish, with such attention to small details. We particularly liked the custom leather covers on the coffee makers.

Perhaps even more important is the hotel’s vibe. This is a calm and laid-back hotel on the lakeside, but it doesn’t have a snobbish or adult-only atmosphere.

The hotel feels very inclusive for couples, families and groups of friends alike. It’s a hotel that was quick to make us feel at home.

Lakeside Location

The hotel dominates Lake Fuschl, which is around 30 minutes by road from Salzburg. We drove from Prague in just over four hours.

Lake Fuschl is in the foothills of the Alps and is surrounded by hills, not mountains. The scenery is bucolic rather than dramatic. Overall it’s a beautiful place that’s still convenient and easy to reach.

What a view!

For some clients it will make sense to fly by private jet, as it’s only 35 minutes between Prague and Salzburg airports. Door to door travel time will be less than two hours for most clients.

A Cessna Mustang for up to four people will cost around €8000 for a return trip.

A Beechjet 400A will cost around €10,000 for a return trip. This jet fits up to eight passengers and takes six people very comfortably.

Activities & Experiences

Just around 45 minutes on bike to Salzburg city centre!

Rosewood Schloss Fuschl is a great holiday destination for active clients. The surrounding area is paradise for hiking, cycling, swimming and fishing.

It won’t be a choice for skiers in winter though, as the nearest slopes are about one hour away.

We went on a casual guided hike and discovered a nice option to meet local farmers and producers, an opportunity to really explore the region’s produce and way of life.

Hallstat. The surrounding area is paradise for outdoor activities!

There are many options for more serious hiking and climbing, plus lots of potential routes for families who want to be out in nature together.

I was amazed by the lake water, which is of drinkable quality. It’s so clear for swimming and a nice temperature at around 20 degrees.

While swimming in the lake I was thinking, who needs the sea?! The water is nicer than most coastal places I’ve swam in Europe!

The lake is pristine and amazing for swimming. This is the view from one of the chalets.

You can paddle board and kayak on the lake. There’s also an 11-kilometre running or walking trail around the lake.

The area is fantastic for cycling too. I took my own bike and tried a few different trails. The weekend turned out to be perfect for my triathlon training!

No engines or motorised boats are allowed on the lake. This helps preserve a peaceful atmosphere and keep the water clean.

The hotel has its own electric boats which can be chartered with a skipper for a half or full day.

The concierge can also arrange smaller electric boats with limited power, which guests can take out on their own without a skipper. It would be a relaxed way to spend a sunny day.

We went on a short cruise around the lake in one of their small electric bikes

Lake Fuschl is famous for fishing. The owner of the Schloss has historically held the rights to fish on the lake. Fishing isn’t personally my thing, but I can imagine it’s a nice half-day activity for some clients.

There is no kids club at the hotel, although specific family activities will be added to the hotel’s program in the coming months.

Regardless, there is so much to do in nature with kids. This can be a great three- or four-night break for families who want to spend quality time together, outdoors.

Renting a vintage Mercedes was a highlight of Stepan’s stay

For couples I recommend renting one of the hotel’s two vintage Mercedes cars. We took a Mercedes SL280 from 1981 around the area: perfect on a sunny day!

Salzburg is only 30 minutes away for a city trip. From previous trips I can highly recommend the Red Bull Hangar 7 at Salzburg Airport. Seeing the Formula 1 cars and Flying Bulls aircraft makes this definitely worth a visit.

I can also recommend Ikarus at Red Bull Hangar 7, a two-Michelin-star restaurant which has a different guest chef every month.

Spa & Wellness

Indoor pool area of the spa

Rosewood Schloss Fuschl is definitely a good option for a wellness stay. It’s not a wellness hotel per se, but the lakeside location, tranquil atmosphere and brand new spa certainly promote wellbeing.

Like other Rosewood properties, it has an Asaya Spa that’s very beautifully done.

They have many treatment rooms, saunas, steam rooms, and a very wide menu of treatments.

Outdoor pool

Both the indoor and outdoor pools are nice, although the outdoor pool is hidden away and doesn’t have a clear lake view, so it’s a bit different to spas we like in the Italian Alps (Dolomites).

The main place for swimming is the lake and I think people will spend more time at the lakeside than in the pool.


Stepan’s welcome note

We inspected this new hotel as part of its soft opening. The hotel officially opened yesterday, Monday July 1st.

Like most new openings, the service needs to be improved. The team is new and needs more time working together. It’s something every new hotel battles with. Great managers brought from Rosewood’s properties in Vienna and Munich will surely help with this.

There were some mistakes and miscommunications during our stay. This isn’t unusual for a new hotel as it takes time to polish the operations.

Still, it is something you must be aware of for any stay in 2024. I expect the service will be significantly improved by next year.

I assumed they would open at half capacity but discovered the hotel is expecting 80% occupancy for its first few days. It’s sold out for its first full weekend!

Quality of service is the only negative I can currently see with the property. I think Rosewood is aware of this too. The rooms and suites are priced below most other Rosewood properties.

For stays before July 16th after September 1st you can pay for two nights and get a third night for free. Add the Rosewood Elite benefits and Schloss Fuschl is amazing value for stays this year.

By next year I fully expect Rosewood Schloss Fuschl to cost significantly more.

Comparing Rooms & Suites

Lakeside Chalet

One reason we really like Rosewood is the quality of all the accommodations. Even the entry-level rooms are spacious and high quality.

As Rosewood Elite members we can guarantee an upgrade upon booking, so our clients would never stay in the entry-level room category anyway!

Of the different categories I personally prefer the Heritage Rooms and Suites. These are located in an original 15th-century castle tower and have the best view over the lake.

Deluxe Heritage Suite

However, there is no elevator in the tower and these are the most historic accommodations. Even the wooden floor creaks when you walk on it.

Lakeside Room

Rooms and suites are also located in two more modern buildings. Lakeside rooms and suites have a partial lake view. Lakeview rooms and suites have an uninterrupted view onto the water.

Lakeview Room

The only category I don’t really recommend is Junior Suite Lakeside. The view isn’t anything special and they don’t offer much privacy.

Deluxe Junior Suite Lakeview and Premier Lakeview Suite are far superior and offer more space, including a private terrace or balcony.

Kaiser Franz Joseph House is the most private option in the main buildings and can be configured for one to four bedrooms. It’s like a grand penthouse suite, with its own private elevator and the most panoramic view in the hotel.

Another of the lakeside chalets

Chalets are the highest room category. They’re located in beautiful grounds near the waterside, away from the main buildings. They can be configured as a one, two or three-bedroom chalet.

Chalet bathroom with private sauna

These are stunning, like having your own contemporary house by the lake, with complete privacy. Each chalet has a private sauna and terrace too.

The chalets come in pairs, with two interconnecting chalets sharing one building. They are the option for families and groups of friends, as two connect to form a two-bedroom or three-bedroom space, with complete privacy.


Although the service wasn’t quite on point, the gastronomy itself was superb.

The hotel has installed some amazing chefs and I liked the range of options. You can easily stay three to four nights and still enjoy plenty of choice.

Schloss Restaurant

Schloss Restaurant is the signature fine dining restaurant, with both a tasting menu and a la carte option. They focus mostly on local ingredients and regional Salzkammergut cuisine, like fish caught in the lake, although they do also have some resort classics on the menu.

See Club

See Club is the nicest place to hang out. It’s on the lakeside, close to the chalets, with cabanas and dining tables. You can jump in for a swim and spend the whole day here. Great fish and seafood dishes!


Vinothek is like an Austrian pub or lodge, for very casual food and drinks.

Schloss Bar

Schloss Bar is the visually stunning place for cocktails and cocktail dresses. It has a whisky and cigar room too.

View from the SeeTerrasse

SeeTerrasse is the main restaurant where breakfast is served, along with a varied menu for lunch and dinner. It has a fantastic view onto the lake.

Scholl Fuschl has its own traditional fishery, a building where fish was smoked for hundreds of years. It’s now a restaurant that is open to the public, although the space has yet to be renovated or branded as Rosewood. I imagine it will only be fully ready next year and admittedly, I didn’t try the food here.

However, all the other dining and drinking venues were really good quality.

Who Will Holiday at Rosewood Schloss Fuschl

Rosewood Schloss Fuschl at night

Before my visit I had extremely high expectations for Rosewood Schloss Fuschl.

I can confirm this is a great couple’s getaway, thanks to the accommodations, relaxed vibe and activities in nature.

I can also recommend the hotel for other clients. Families will love the chalets and the atmosphere will suit active families.

It will also be a good choice for groups of friends on a short holiday together.

Overall, it’s definitely a hotel that favours active people because there’s so much to do in the area.

Summer will be the nicest time to go but I can also imaging going here in October or April, when the weather isn’t so good. Go enjoy the spa and dining, explore some of the trails, relax with the lake view and get away from the everyday.

Rosewood Elite Benefits

View from a Heritage Room. The view for your holiday?

EliteVoyage is the first and only Rosewood Elite member in all of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Thanks to this invitation-only program we can give exclusive benefits to all our clients who book any Rosewood property.

These benefits are on top of other special offers, such as the pay for two stay for three nights opening offer at Rosewood Schloss Fuschl, for stays before July 16th and after September 1st.

At Rosewood Schloss Fuschl we can exclusively offer:

  • A special Rosewood Elite-only rate, lower than any published price
  • Guaranteed room upgrade at the time of booking
  • Early check in and late check out upon availability

Will you experience the new Rosewood Schloss Fuschl this year?

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