1-Week Wellness Holiday for Business Leaders

How do you perform at your best, when you don’t have time to focus on yourself?

Holidays are always a great idea, a chance to escape, explore, relax with family and friends. But can you go on a holiday that helps you perform better at work?

Our partners at SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain just launched a unique one-week Leader’s Performance Program.

It’s exclusively designed to optimise long-term health, productivity and performance, for business leaders and executives.

SHA Wellness Clinic

Sha Wellness Clinic

SHA is one of the world’s very best medical wellness destinations. It’s a luxurious leisure destination on the Spanish coast, and a specialist medical wellness centre.

Staying at SHA is a holiday that will transform your long-term health. Programs combine medical consultations, tests, treatments and therapies, plus outstanding spa and wellness facilities.

In the last six months we’ve received very positive feedback from our clients staying at SHA. They offer programs such as Weight Loss and Healthy Ageing, usually with a minimum recommended stay of two weeks.

Can You Improve Your Performance with a One-Week Holiday?

Suite accommodation at SHA

We love SHA’s attention to detail, in both their accommodation and wellness interventions.

This is the perfect place for people who are tired, stressed, and living unhealthily because they have no time for themselves.

Like people in leadership positions, owning and managing businesses that turnover tens or hundreds of millions of euros.

Basically, people who don’t have the time for a detox, never mind a two-week wellness holiday. We told this to SHA. It’s what our clients said to us. SHA have developed this targeted one-week program.

Introducing the Leader’s Performance Program

Doctor Mera, head of internal medicine and anti-ageing at SHA

SHA’s charismatic Doctor Mera introduced the program to us.

The Leader’s Performance Program is designed specifically for people exposed to a high degree of activity, effort, stress, decision-making or continuous travel.

It’s an intensive program of specialist medical consultations and tests, natural therapies, fitness sessions and one-on-one coaching.

One week at SHA won’t transform you into an Olympian or even make you thinner. One week at SHA will identify and implement personal strategies to optimise your long-term performance.

You have access to some of the world’s best practitioners and a personalised plan to align your health and busy work life. Doctor Mera told us:

It is not always possible to control the factors that generate stress. It is possible to have the right state and tools to react to stress without sacrificing your health.

Here is a brief of some of the treatments and methods included during your stay. We will not pretend to be experts on these. Some are completely new to us. We love how exhaustive the program will be.

SHA’s medical centre

Medical Services

  • Advanced preventative diagnostic control, including a 3D body scanner, analysis of your nervous system and measuring your glycation product accumulation.
  • Hormone supplement consultation
  • Electrocardiogram and cardiology consultation
  • Two ozone therapy sessions with a mental balance serum and immune boost serum
  • Hair health assessment
  • Neurocognitive assessment
  • Assessment of emotional breathing

Healthy Nutrition

  • Nutrition consultation
  • Nutrition plan adapted to your needs
  • Personalised health plan
  • Access to daily healthy cooking classes

Natural Therapies

  • Osteopathy consultation and session
  • Bioenergy assessment
  • 2 x traditional Chinese treatments, like acupuncture, laser acupuncture and electromagnetic heat lamp
  • 2 x colon hydrotherapy sessions
  • 2 x infrared heat relax and energy sessions

Wellness Interventions

  • Transformative breathing
  • Underwater therapy
  • Hydroenergetic cure detox
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Full access to all the spa facilities

Physical Performance

  • Introductory fitness evaluation
  • 5 x fitness sessions with a personal trainer
  • Access to all activities in the Healthy Living Academy, like yoga and hiking

A SHA Program for Long-Term Performance

SHA’s Healthy Living Academy includes activities like yoga and hiking

This is an incredibly exhaustive program of health and medical interventions, in just seven days. It’s the first of its kind, anywhere in the world.

The SHA Leaders Performance Program costs 6,800 EUR, including all the medical services listed above and many others.

Accommodation is an additional cost and SHA has a variety of suite categories, all of a very good standard. We can recommend even the entry-level Deluxe Suite option.

Healthy nutrition is so important at SHA and you’ll have three delicious meals a day, with a menu tailored to your health needs.

Most crucial about this program is what you takeaway. It’s designed as a one-week intervention that will improve your long-term performance.

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