New Suites on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express

Great news: Belmond have introduced a new category of suites on their Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

In this short article we explore the new suites and provide current availability for the most interesting routes.

These decadent suites are significantly more spacious and comfortable than the historic cabins. Prices start at 7000 EUR per person per journey.

The only challenge is availability on this famous train. Cabins and suites are selling out so fast!

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Experience

Matous and his travel partner on the Orient Express in December

Our travel designer Matous Grund recently travelled from Paris to Vienna on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Of course he had an amazing experience.

What beautiful cabins! We had an entry-level historic cabin and it’s the original from the 1920s, like from an Agatha Christie book. Just with heating, electricity and everything working.

But Matous had two very important considerations to share. Firstly, the cabins are very small, just a few square metres.

Inside an historic cabin

Secondly, each historic cabin only has a washbasin. Eight of these cabins share a toilet, which is in the carriage, outside the cabin. No shower facilities are available with this room category.

Taking this train is an experience, so on a 24-hour journey these downsides may not be a problem for you. However, our feedback to Belmond was the importance of more upgraded accommodations with en-suite facilities.

Firstly, the Grand Suites

The Grand Suite

Six Grand Suites are available on almost every Venice Simplon-Orient-Express departure. Each is styled after one of Europe’s key railway cities: Paris, Venice, Istanbul, Vienna, Budapest and Prague.

They feature beautiful en-suite bathrooms, a private living area, 24-hour steward service and free-flowing Champagne. It’s the ultimate way to experience the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

Introducing the New Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Suites

Suite La Campagne

From June 2023, the grand suites will be complemented by eight new suites, with four suites in one carriage. They’re more than double the size of the historic cabins.

Their design is inspired by the classic landscapes the train traverses: La Campagne (the countryside), Les Montagnes (mountains), Les Lacs (lakes) and La Foret (forest).

Suite Les Montagnes

Each suite has a marble en-suite bathroom, with a shower, basin and toilet.

Suite La Foret

Historic cabins have bunk-bed sleeping arrangements. Suites offer fixed double or twin beds.

Suite La Foret

During the day the suites have a private lounge area as well.

Suite Le Lac

The rest of this glamorous and opulent railway experience remains the same, like the restaurants and bar. It’s just a lot more comfortable and spacious.

Suite & Cabin Availability for 2023 & 2024 Departures

This iconic Belmond train runs on a fixed schedule and we do encounter challenges with availability. For example, all eight suites on the Paris to Prague train in July 2024 are already sold out.

This is the current availability, as of early March 2023.

Paris to Prague & Prague to Paris Availability

October 18 2023, Paris to Prague. Very good suite availability. Grand suites sold out. Historic cabins are almost sold out.

October 21 2023, Prague to Paris. Four suites are still available. Grand suites sold out. Good availability for historic cabins.

July 7 2024, Paris to Prague via Vienna. Suites are sold out. Good availability of grand suites and historic cabins.

July 10 2024, Prague to Paris via Vienna. No grand suites or suites available. Very good availability of historic cabins.

Paris to Vienna & Vienna to Paris

October 1 2023, Vienna to Paris. Final remaining grand suites and suites. Historic cabins sold out.

December 18 2023, Paris to Vienna. All suites available plus great cabin availability.

December 19 2023, Vienna to Paris. Grand suites and cabins virtually sold out. Very good availability for suites.

Note the 28 September 2023 departure from Vienna is completely sold out and the 2 May 2023 departure is virtually sold out.

Departures with Good Suite Availability

The 2023 departures with good suite availability are in autumn and winter

Almost all suites and cabins are sold out for departures up to July 2023. Here are the most available options for travelling in a suite on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express in 2023.

For midsummer, your best options are the August 16 or August 22 departures from Venice to Paris.

In September consider the highly interesting Venice to Paris via Florence route, on 13 September.

October offers good possibilities. There’s good suite availability from Venice to Paris departing either 7 October, 17 October, 25 October or 29 October. The best southbound option is Paris to Venice on October 26.

Almost all departures in November and December 2023 currently offer grand suite and suite availability.

All Aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express passing near Roppen, Austria

Is this experience high on your bucket list? Then you probably have many questions.

Ask us. We’ve travelled on the Orient Express and are members of the prestigious Belmond Bellini Club.

That means you enjoy many complimentary benefits when booking your Belmond train journey with us.

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