15 Destinations for Your 2024 Holiday Radar

Where to travel next: these 15 destinations are home to the world’s most exciting new hotels and experiences.

They’re a mix of old favourites worth visiting again, and less-explored, even once-forbidden regions that are now ready to welcome you.

We explain why, where and how these places should be on your radar for next year’s holiday.


Chable Maroma is just one of the recent hotels changing the face of travel in Mexico

Why: Design-forward boutique hotels are adding a new layer of luxury, in a destination of phenomenal natural beauty.

Where: The most exciting new hotel openings are around the Yucatan Peninsula, where jungle meets waterways and a superb Caribbean coastline.

How: Flight connections from Europe to the Yucatan are rapidly improving but don’t discount a Mexico City layover. It’s one of the world’s most upcoming gastronomy and art destinations.

Burgundy, France

COMO Le Montrachet

Why: Exceptional gastronomy and intimate old-world hospitality in one of the world’s most prestigious wine regions. Now with a hotel to match the Pinot Noir.

Where: COMO Le Montrachet is a divine new hotel, modelled on a traditional 19th-century Burgundy village.

How: Burgundy is within easy reach of Paris, Champagne and the French Riviera. It’s prime for a road trip to France.


A mountain gorilla in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park

Why: Gorilla trekking. Plus chimpanzees. And some of the world’s best new lodges. Rwanda is the trendy African destination many people are talking about.

Where: Volcanoes National Park is one of only two places in the world you can go mountain gorilla trekking. Add on Nyungwe Forest and a stay at One&Only Nyungwe House.

How: Fly to Kigali via Brussels or Amsterdam. Connections to neighbouring safari countries like Tanzania and Kenya have massively improved too.

Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos islands are quintessentially Caribbean

Why: Huge infrastructure improvements are making it easier to reach the outer Turks and Caicos archipelago, where Caribbean exclusivity is quickly being redefined.

Where: Go west, to private island resort COMO Parrot Cay, the excellent Amanyara, or the new Rock House on Grace Bay Beach. Avoid Grand Turks to the east, where a new cruise ship terminal is being built.

How: The best flights to Turks and Caicos are via the USA. Add a New York layover for a city and beach combo holiday.


EliteVoyage Travel Designer Michal Patek on his recent trip to Antarctica

Why: Why not? Antarctica is a very accessible adventure suitable for almost anyone.

Where: New and highly advanced cruise ships, like Quark’s Ultramarine, visit the Antarctic Peninsula. Or fly to an ice runway in a Gulfstream 550 and stay at a luxury White Desert camp, deep in the continent.

How: Elite Travel Designer Michal Pátek recently visited Antarctica. He said: “Antarctica is not difficult to do. My main recommendation is that you should set aside enough time to do it properly.”

Melides, Alentejo (Portugal)

Development along the Alentejo coastline has only recently started

Why: Europe’s best beaches. Certainly Europe’s best beaches that are yet to be properly discovered. Designer five-star hotels have started to arrive here, like Vermelho by Christian Louboutin.

Where: Rolling vineyards, ancient towns, castles and wild nature add to Alentejo’ coastal appeal.

How: Fly to Lisbon and explore Alentejo. Or make Alentejo part of an even longer Portugal holiday.

Sumba, Indonesia

NIHI Sumba

Why: What other island combines deserted white beaches with ancient culture and stunning new accommodations? It won’t be long before Sumba is world renowned.

Where: NIHI Sumba and Cap Karoso are the two design-led resorts capturing global attention, especially for how they redefine a remote island holiday.

How: Holidays in Indonesia typically involve flying to Bali, but note the many other islands of Indonesia that could also be part of your holiday.

Basque Country, Spain & France

The cityscape of Bilbao, Spain, with the Guggenheim Museum to the right.

Why: Basque Country is probably the world’s greatest gastronomic region. The beaches are fabulous too. And now there are direct flights from Prague.

Where: Bilbao provides the vibrant city experience, San Sebastian is the glamorous beach destination, and it’s easy to explore French Basque and the Rioja region too.

How: This is more than a weekend destination. Allow one week because there’s so much to eat and explore.


Anguilla is increasingly popular with our clients, especially staying at Belmond Cap Juluca.

Why: A sleepy island of pristine white beaches and gorgeous reefs, where the vibe is all about barefoot chic. Anguilla is a great winter alternative to the Indian Ocean.

Where: Cap Juluca, a Belmond Hotel, is our favourite property here and it’s located on the island’s best beach. The renovated Malliouhana can be a good choice too.

How: Fly to Saint Martin via Paris or Amsterdam. From here it’s a 30-minute boat transfer.


Village Of Gergeti In Georgia

Why: Spectacular mountains, fun-loving people, a hip capital city and ancient wine tradition. Georgia offers nature, history and unique culture, on the grandest of scales.

Where: Come to explore and expect to travel around. Georgia is an adventure destination where the lack of top-class hotels is compensated by the stunning landscapes.

How: Not so easy. That’s why we partner with Sky Travel in Georgia to create unique holidays here.

Sao Tome & Principe

Principe Island

Why: Imagine a large volcanic island completely covered in jungle, where golden beaches remain blissfully without footprints.

Where: That’s a good question. This is Africa’s smallest country, made up of two islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Sundy Praia is the five-star tented beach resort you need to experience, on the island of Principe.

How: Fly via Lisbon. We recommend a city layover as it’s a great contrast to the remote island experience on Principe.

British Columbia, Canada

A quiet lake in British Columbia

Why: The pandemic helped many of us realise the power and beauty of nature. And adventures in nature rarely come on the scale or wonder of British Columbia.

Where: British Columbia also has a good collection of top hotels, so the adventure is easily combined with comfort.

How: British Columbia is the wow destination to build a trip around. And when you fly this far west it’s worth combining with destinations like California.

The Himalayas

Shinta Mani Mustang

Why: New boutique hotels are helping to turn some of the world’s most remote mountain areas into luxury destinations for a select few.

Where: Shinta Mani Mustang by Bill Bensley is a new lodge in Mustang, one of Nepal’s least explored regions. andBeyond Punakha River Lodge is a divine place to stay in Bhutan. We also like Six Senses Vana in the Indian Himalayas.

How: Bring your sense of adventure. We will arrange the rest!


At Angama Mara it’s not just the animals you see, it’s how close you get to them.

Why: Wildlife numbers have increased dramatically thanks to 20 years of successful conservation. New lodges are creating a more contemporary, family-friendly experience. And the travel infrastructure has significantly improved too.

Where: An iconic safari will include the Maasai Mara plains, Amboseli in the south, and a private concession in the Laikipia Plateau.

How: Daily flights to Kenyan capital Nairobi via Dubai, Doha, Amsterdam, Frankfurt or Istanbul.

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