One&Only Nyungwe House

Tomáš Safarik

Private Consultant
"If you love primates this is the best place to stay in Africa. Decadent, exclusive, remote…it has the wow factor on many levels, combining nature with luxury. Expect personalised service on the level of an exclusive-use property, plus highly contemporary accommodation. "

Stay at the O&O Nyungwe House

A mangebay welcomes you to its home. High in the trees a colobus monkey watches you with caution. Now what’s this? A whole troop of vervet monkeys gathered next to your suite! What could be next? That depends, for this is the Congo Basin Rainforest. Actually, the only five-star lodge in the world’s second largest rainforest.So after the primates provide a welcome make yourself feel comfortable. Everything is so fresh and pristine, so original and grounded in nature. Gazing out you follow the lines of a tea plantation. Then you turn around and the rainforest takes over. Nyungwe is sublime. Monkeys roam the grounds and decadence dominates the recently renovated suites. This is a marvellous base to go out exploring something in Rwanda that’s not gorillas. Highly recommended.


To one side the lush Gisakura tea plantation. The Congo Basin starts to the other. From here it continues for 3000 kilometres to the Atlantic Ocean. One&Only Nyungwe House is perfectly located at this juxtaposition between culture and wilderness, the starting point for dozens of trails and experiences. Expect to see primates from your suite.


This was previously Nyungwe Forest Lodge. One&Only did a full renovation and reopened as Nyungwe House in 2018. From the outside it’s still low-rise and low-key. The suites have enjoyed impressive upgrades. Now they have a log burning fire, private deck, huge en-suite bathrooms and modern imigongo art along the walls. There are 22 rooms in total.

Who is it for

Anybody who wants to explore more of Rwanda than the gorillas. The jungle spa is a good option for couples. Families with teenage children can book interconnected rooms. If you love wild nature and want off the beaten path luxury this is the place.

Amenities & Activities

A chimpanzee trek departs directly from your room. So does touring the tea plantation. Or any of the primate trails. 12 different species live in the rainforest around Nyungwe, plus rare birds like great blue turacos. We recommend a minimum of three nights to get the most from the experience.

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