How to Choose a Summer Holiday Destination

Five easy ways to rethink your perspective. So you can enjoy a more adventurous holiday this summer, in a new destination, away from crowds.

It’s easy and comforting to do the same summer holiday every year. Especially when your kids love it.

That’s why the Greek islands are so popular. It’s also why so many destinations are overcrowded. And overpriced in summer.

Exclusivity is increasingly hard to find when everybody is going to the same place.

You can book the highest category accommodation at the most exclusive resort. Or you can try a new travel experience somewhere else. Somewhere most other people are yet to discover.

Here are five ways to think differently about your choice of summer holiday destination.

Do an Island Holiday on a Different Sea or Ocean

Madeira Island, Portugal

Indian Ocean island? Tick. Beachside villa on the Mediterranean? Tick.

But did you stay on a private island in the Pacific Ocean? Or explore one of the wild islands of the Atlantic Ocean?

So if you loved an active holiday on Santorini, why not try the Portuguese island of Madeira this summer?

Bora Bora is an incredible summer destination in French Polynesia, in the Pacific Ocean

If the Maldives are your idea of paradise, how about trying an island resort in French Polynesia, in the South Pacific?

The world is over 70% water and there are many spectacular islands to explore. It’s not just the Indian Ocean or Mediterranean that look turquoise. And it’s so refreshing to be one of the first, rather than complaining that your favourite island is now overrun with tourists.

Focus on the Holiday Feeling, Not the Destination

A family beach holiday in Costa Rica

Why do you love your favourite summer holiday destination and resort? Partly because it’s comfortable and you know what you are going to get.

What’s the special feeling that makes you want to return every year? What’s the feeling you want when you go on holiday?

Do you want a feeling of excitement, freedom and being completely spoiled? Try an African safari.

It can be a feeling of complete relaxation when you finally get to switch off your brain. The relief of getting time to yourself in a beautiful place, with the kids doing guided activities. Maybe the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at a resort where the staff and service are so good. Probably the feeling that this moment is special, shared between the people you love.

We remember holidays because of our emotions. We remember how we felt and that’s why we want to go back.

Just remember, there are many other places that can create similar emotions in you. Tell us how you want to feel and we can recommend resorts and destinations for you to try.

Make it a Two- or Three-Destination Summer Holiday

It’s easy to combine a wild place like Utah, with a city experience in New York, or a beach in California.

Often the stressful and time-consuming part of a holiday is getting there. Once you arrive, it’s easy to get into a holiday mode and forget about time.

Combining two or three destinations is really easy and comfortable, without costing you much time, without you even needing to think.

The USA is a great example and is it offers a huge variety of destinations. It’s easy to combine a city like New York, a beach in California, a wilderness area like Utah, and something else. All with direct flights. And why not combine somewhere in the USA with Canada?

Driving between hotels in a Ferrari, in Chianti, Tuscany

Or combining stays on two Mediterranean islands by spending the day on a private yacht? Why not drive a Ferrari across Italy for a morning, to connect a beach resort with staying at a finca in Tuscany?

Many people associate far flung destinations like Thailand or South Africa with a multi-destination holiday. Europe has hundreds of incredible destinations, all really close to each other. Connect them by private yacht, speedboat, helicopter or a one-hour chauffeured transfer.

Maximise Flight Connections and Long Layovers

How about the Galapagos Islands for an alternative summer beach holiday?

We all want to fly direct, every time. Which is possible with private jet charters. Not all of us can afford to cross the globe in a Dassault Falcon 7x jet though.

Maximising layovers is a great way to experience multiple destinations with the least hassle. It actually saves you time.

During the winter, many of our clients combine the Maldives and Dubai for example. Different destinations can be combined in summer.

Madrid is great for three days, so it’s ideal for a layover

Layovers also makes distant destinations closer. How do you travel to the Galapagos Islands? It seems difficult right? But your holiday could be a long weekend in Madrid, four days at beautiful finca in the Ecuadorian highlands, then a week in the Galapagos. All connected with direct flights. Why not add the Amazon Jungle to the itinerary seen as you’re only one hour by plane away?

Don’t feel limited by the flight connections of your home airport. From your first destination there’s a whole new world of flight connections and possibilities.

EliteVoyage Private Consultant Tomas Safarik recently travelled around the world in 28 days. Vienna to Dubai to Bali to Australia to Los Angeles and back home.

Make the Jump & Try Something Completely New

What will you see on holiday? Here are giraffe in Amboseli National Park, Kenya, with Mount Kilimanjaro behind them.

Did you dream about once going on an African safari? Maybe you thought about it one year, but that was years ago and now it’s forgotten.

Summer is the perfect time to go on safari in Kenya and Botswana, as the wildlife viewing is at its best. Could this be the summer you go on safari?

Want to escape the crowds this summer? Try Ulusaba Safari Camp in South Africa

Which exotic country was always on your bucket list? But after having a family that dream has been replaced by practical holiday matters for your family?

We all have the explorer inside us. We all dream of somewhere we haven’t been before.

Iceland is an amazing summer holiday destination when you want to try something new

This year we are seeing many families try something different, with holidays venturing north instead of south, to destinations like Iceland and Finland.

So think back to the excited feeling you had about a safari, an island, a destination far from home. It’s easy to rekindle the passion.

Helping You Choose Your Holiday Destination

At EliteVoyage we make it easy and comfortable for you to holiday somewhere that’s outside your comfort zone.

We will guide you through different destinations so this summer your holiday will be a completely new experience.

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