Maldives in Summer

This is why the Maldives can be the right destination for you in summer 2023.

Europe will be incredibly full this summer. Comparatively, the Maldives delivers exceptional value from June to August.

Isn’t Summer the Wrong Season for the Maldives?

Ithaafushi – your private island experience this summer?

Almost everyone will tell you that summer is the wrong time to visit the Maldives.

You probably already know that the best time is from November to April. These are the driest months, when the climate is most different to the cold at home.

Summer is also a great time to visit the Maldives. It’s just not considered a summer destination.

Maldives Weather During Summer

Six Senses Laamu

In tropical Maldives the temperature is fairly consistent throughout the year.

May to September is the low season, because statistically there is more rain and cloudy days. Occasional thunderstorms occur, but in general, any rain passes quickly.

We’ve had clients who had four rainy days out of seven, in January. And clients who didn’t see a cloud for a week in August.

May to September still average 7 – 8 hours of sunshine per day. The odd cloudy sky isn’t ideal for photos, but an easy way to keep your kids out of the tropical sun.

Why Go To Maldives in Summer?

Why not holiday in Maldives in summer?

Almost everyone forgets about Maldives in summer, because summer is when everybody traditionally holidays in Europe.

Summer 2023 looks set to be the most popular summer season in Southern Europe, ever. It will be crowded, almost anywhere you go.

Many of the best European properties are almost fully booked for July and August. Space and choice are at a real premium. Summer in Europe is peak season with peak season prices.

Value is the reason Maldives can be the right destination for your summer holiday. May to September is the low season, when you enjoy a lot more for your money.

Holiday Example 1: One-Week Villa Holiday for a Family of Four

Grecotel Amirandes

Two adults with children aged ten and four, want a seven-night villa holiday in July.

For around EUR 27,000 they could book a two-bedroom seafront beach villa with a private pool and garden in Grecotel Amirandes, Crete. It’s a good resort, especially for kids, where they’d stay in a 75 sqm villa.

Niyama Private Islands

For around EUR 14,000 they could book a Deluxe Family Beach Pool Villa at Niyama Private Islands Maldives. It’s a good resort, especially for kids, where the villa measures 255 sqm and comes with butler service.

We recommend both resorts for families, mostly thanks to their great range of facilities and activities. In summer, one is offering a lot more in terms of the accommodation.

Holiday Example 2: Two-Week Beach Holiday for Active Family

Verdura Resort, Sicily

An active family want a two-week beach holiday, combining downtime with different activities for mother, father and the kids.

For approximately 35,000 EUR they can stay in a two-bedroom family room at Verdura Resort in Sicily. It’s a remote resort with tons of facilities and activities, somewhere we happily recommend for active families.

2-Bedroom Beach House, COMO Maalifushi

For 31,000 EUR they can spend two weeks in a two-bedroom beach house at COMO Maalifushi, with complimentary half board. It’s one of the most remote islands in the Maldives and we love the variety of activities a family can enjoy.

COMO Maalifushi

Both are good options. In Sicily the family gets a 80 sqm room with two private terraces and sea view.

At COMO Maalifushi, the family enjoys a 180 sqm house directly on the beachfront, with a private pool. Plus excellent, daily, a la carte dining.

Holiday Example 3: One-Week August Holiday for a Couple

One&Only Portonovi, Montenegro

This is a couple who love the style and design of One&Only properties. They are interested in staying at One&Only Portonovi, the best hotel in Montenegro.

For 14,500 EUR they can enjoy a Panoramic Bayview Room. It’s 55 sqm with a stunning Boka Bay view, especially from the 11 sqm terrace.

One&Only Reethi Rah villa
One&Only Reethi Rah

Or for 13,000 EUR they can enjoy a Beach Villa with Pool at One&Only Reethi Rah, one of the best resorts in the Maldives. This is a 232 sqm villa with a private pool that’s double the size of the terrace in Montenegro.

We love both these properties and regularly book them for our clients. After all, Montenegro was our #1 travel trend of 2022. For summer 2023 we can offer a lot more to this client in the Maldives, for a similar price.

Questions About the Maldives in Summer

We ranked JOALI Maldives as our number one resort in the Maldives
We ranked JOALI Maldives as our number one resort in the Maldives

The Maldives are not perfect in summer. Europe isn’t perfect in summer either.

In Europe, airports are overcrowded, destinations are noisy and chaotic, and it’s difficult to find privacy.

Summer isn’t a perfect time for snorkelling and diving in the Maldives, as underwater visibility is reduced.

We’re here to answer your questions. In Europe we’ll help you find genuine exclusivity. If you want to scuba dive in the Maldives we’ll advise you on islands in the south, where underwater conditions are good.

One of our travel consultants will help you explore the options. So you can choose what is best for your summer holiday.

Curious About a Maldives Summer Holiday?

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