Solo Travel – 8 Trip Ideas For Being One

Find your mental detox and find your feet again, with these eight amazing ideas for travelling solo.

Destinations to revive the sense of explorer within you. Places to find new horizons, where you make connections to unique cultures. Hotels best experienced solo. Adventures to free your mind and be at one with yourself.

Travelling solo is the purest form of travel. It gives the most freedom, because it’s only you, nobody else.

South Africa

Time to relax? This is the view from one of Londolozi’s Private Granite Suites, in the Sabi Sands, South Africa.

Great destinations for solo travel often have welcoming people and lots of new things to try. This summarises South Africa, a country with 11 official languages and dozens of fresh experiences with local people.

Don’t just go on a safari. Join conservationists in rhino tracking and elephant tagging. Spend a day with the Black Mambas, an all-female anti-poaching unit.

You can take part in conservation activities, like tagging rhinos to help ensure their safety.

Don’t just drink a glass of wine. Meet the winemakers and take a journey through new-world flavours. And don’t just meet the locals. Join them in community celebrations, learn how to cook their food and surf a wave with them. Our private consultant Tomas Safarik did this solo holiday in South Africa.

VIVAMAYR in Austria


Another way to solo travel is to focus on having the time to be alone. That’s something to savour at the world’s best medical wellness hotels, like VIVAMAYR in Austria.

VIVAMAYR is one of the world’s best medical wellness destinations, a place of complete calm and long-lasting improvements to your health. Recommended for travelling solo and doing a minimum one-week program.


You’ll have personalised therapies, detailed medical tests and consultations with world-leading specialists. Most importantly you’ll have clean air and silence, in a bubble of tranquillity to find your feet again.

Trekking in Nepal

Kala Patthar summit, looking towards Mount Everest

When travelling solo you can find your own limits and live very personal goals. For example, trekking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Or climbing a peak in the Nepalese Himalayas. There are other destinations to go on a hiking expedition of course.

Mt. Annapurna I from Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal.

Nepal is great because you don’t need much hiking experience and it’s home to the most spectacular mountains on the planet, not only the highest.

A trekking expedition is one of the most relaxed and effective detox holidays you can have. You don’t need to think. Just wake up and walk. Eat and sleep. It’s ideal for clearing your mind.


In Iceland you can be alone with the beauty of nature

If solitude and time to think are what you need, then the extraordinary aura of Iceland could be the perfect backdrop.

In a country with such staggering nature there’s often no need for conversation, even if the local people are famously friendly. Nature will provide you with inspiration, perhaps as you gaze at a geyser or lounge in natural hot springs.

Ready to explore Iceland?

Iceland is a destination where you can be immersed in natural beauty and reconnect with yourself, whether it’s horseback riding, walking inside a volcano, or just wandering in Reykjavik.

Want to Travel Solo?

Connecting with Incan Culture in Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

Travel solo and you can really connect with a local culture. Without a travel buddy there’s more time to converse, learn and reflect.

Incan culture is alive in modern day Peru and not only at Machu Picchu. Ceremonies, art, language, astronomy, architecture, textiles – this ancient culture is as relevant today as ever.

In the Sacred Valley of the Incas

An entirely fresh and unexpected perspective can really change how you feel about life. In Peru you can experience a Shaman ceremony, explore the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and meet people with simple yet remarkable ideas.


One&Only Portonovi, Montenegro

Montenegro has emerged as Europe’s trendiest new destination, thanks to new superyacht harbours, all-round beauty, and five-star hotels like The Chedi Lustica Bay and One&Only Portonovi.

Montenegro’s best hotels are all telling us the same thing – Montenegro has seen a massive surge in solo travellers.

Perast, Montenegro.

Here there’s a combination of genuine luxury, space and solitude, natural beauty and spa relaxation on the coast.

Meeting the Locals in Rwanda

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

Imagine looking into the eyes of a wild mountain gorilla? Or spending a morning with a chimpanzee troop? These Rwandan locals will provide you with a fresh perspective and these primate activities are easy to do solo.

Gorilla and chimpanzee trekking is always done in small groups with park rangers. When you encounter these animals the experience is always very private and personal.

A hippo in Akagera National Park

It’s not just one gorilla. There are many. What you experience is different from the next person. Rwanda also offers big-five animal encounters as well. So if you really want to experience African safari and nobody wants to go with you, Rwanda is the place to start.


Ancient Messene Historical Site in Peloponnese

Quiet beaches to clear your mind. Small islands with treasures to explore. Old and new cultures to connect with. Greece is well known as a family and romantic destination. It’s great for solo travellers too.

Eat, drink, sail, swim, relax, soak up the sun, or delve deep into history. Whatever your preference, Greece has you covered.

Zakynthos, Greece

On most holidays you must abide by the preferences of your partner or family. Greece has such a variety of destinations and experiences you don’t want to listen to somebody else. You can go alone instead.

Your Solo Travel

Solo travel is a lot easier than most people realise. You’re connected to amazing guides, stay in top hotels, and have a professional to assist you at every point of your journey.

The discovery is always all yours. But we take care of all the arrangements for a complex trip. So you can easily and confidently enjoy a solo trip anywhere.

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