Flamenco Dance - Dynamic Private Lessons


Step into your very own private Flamenco lesson in Spain, and savour the swirls and colours that make up this authentic class. Enjoy a glass of champagne upon your arrival. Clink in advance of a dynamic ride, as any preceding nerves or jitters start to fade.

Situated in a fully-equipped dance studio in the heart of Madrid’s historic centre, the experience doesn’t get more immersive than this. The session itself will last 90 minutes. During this time, an expert dance teacher will serenade you through all the steps.

Sway your way through the captivating movements. Spin in and out of ancient techniques at a relaxed and pleasant pace. This is an activity perfect for groups of friends as well as couples. The day is filled with unapologetic expression, energy and lighthearted fun. Test your new Andalusian dance skills with a final performance. And why not extend the excursion further by catching a traditional flamenco show that same evening?

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