JOALI BEING Maldives Resort Inspection

A wellness resort in the Maldives?

Following a lot of interest from our clients, Project Director Stepan Borovec personally inspected this slightly misunderstood island resort.

JOALI BEING is a completely new concept for the Maldives and in November 2021 we reported on its opening.

It’s only 15 minutes by speedboat from its sister property, JOALI Maldives, one of the best five Maldives resorts.

This is what a holiday is really like at JOALI BEING.

Let’s dive into JOALI BEING!

Who is Holidaying at JOALI BEING?

The focus on wellbeing makes JOALI BEING different to all the other resorts I’ve visited in the Maldives. However, you don’t need to book a wellbeing program to have a holiday here.

Two-bedroom beach residence

JOALI BEING isn’t about being limited by something, as is the case at some top medical wellness destinations. It’s about having a relaxing holiday that focuses on you.

I met other guests who were simply enjoying the calm and peace of this beautiful island destination. In particular couples, with one following a wellness program and the other simply unwinding in Maldivian paradise.

Two-bedroom ocean pool villa

The biggest takeaway from my stay is the importance of understanding why you want to go on holiday at JOALI BEING. This resort has many benefits over other Maldives resorts.

JOALI BEING is a haven for many types of adult guests. Everybody has a massive smile on their face.

The JOALI BEING Spa, Gym and Activities

JOALI BEING Turkish hammam

I expected the spa to be really good and it is. There’s all the standard stuff, like sauna, cryotherapy cold room, hammam and massage pools. But many hotels have great spas.

Pool for our Watsu therapy

What’s unique are the private treatments, like Watsu. This was an incredible experience for me and my wife cried. The sound healing is also so different to what’s offered at another good resort spa.

Sound therapy room

The gym wowed me. It’s the best I’ve seen in the Maldives, with special machines that analysed and monitored my movements. Combine this technology with private fitness coaches and JOALI BEING is where I wanted to exercise on holiday.

Main area of the gym

In particular, I loved my private boxing session. I also met professional athletes having their holiday on the island, relaxing and still working out.

Special machines analysed my movements

My wife did a lot of yoga, we played tennis in the evenings and were active the whole time. Which is quite a contrast to the other Maldives resorts I’ve inspected.

And there are lots of beautiful spaces for yoga and other activities

Alcohol and Food at JOALI BEING

Before visiting, I heard criticism about the limited food options at JOALI BEING. When the resort opened, the only available alcohol was low-alcohol gin. Neither of these statements are accurate now.

At JOALI BEING they do serve alcohol, but they don’t advertise it. The atmosphere is different.

Salmon sashimi in the main Flow restaurant

This isn’t where you’ll see a group of drunk people, or hang out at a lively bar in the evening. Or even, drink three bottles of Champagne in your villa with your wife. But if you want a drink you can have one.

Usually in the Maldives I’m eating a huge breakfast, after a night of indulgence, perhaps a night of partying. Here I felt really good because I was eating well and staying active.

They serve steaks and it’s the highest quality meat, cooked in a healthy way

JOALI BEING is not a health retreat with an odd or restrictive food offering. Every ingredient is organic, high quality, and made in a healthy way.

Dining at the Teppanyaki restaurant

For example, when I tried a burger at the Ocean Sala BBQ it was Wagyu beef. I was eating superfood bowls for breakfast. There’s lobster and pizza on the menu, lean beef at a private Teppanyaki grill, and an option to dine privately in a turtle tree house.

The beautiful Ocean Sala dining area

Every menu item comes with micro-nutrient details, which I grew to appreciate. Okay, there wasn’t a t-bone steak on the menu, only a rib-eye, but JOALI BEING listened to guest feedback and recently expanded from one to three restaurants.

All-Villa Accommodation at JOALI BEING

Inside my villa at JOALI BEING

JOALI BEING is a stunning all-villa resort. The villas are strikingly beautiful, their design blending exoticism and homeliness.

I loved the design throughout the resort

I love how there isn’t an entry-level category. All the villas feature private pools and butler service, so the choice is whether to stay over the water or on the beach. The smallest beach villa measures over 500 square metres.

Beach villas have one, two or three bedrooms. Water villas are either one or two bedrooms. The highest categories are the three-bedroom beach residence and four-bedroom ocean residence.

Second bedroom in the two-bedroom villa category

JOALI Maldives is one of the most visually pleasing resorts in the Indian Ocean. JOALI BEING is just as impressive and I liked how the entire island is very art focused. I found statues dotted across the island and their own JOALI fashion boutique. It’s very trendy and beautiful in this sense.

Our private pool area

Our butler gave us an old black and white phone, upon arrival at our villa. It had one contact – his. This led to one of the best therapies during my stay. I turned off my phone and used the old school phone to call our butler when we needed anything.

The beach residence

When the resort opened Wi-Fi was not available in the common spaces, part of this idea of a digital detox. Wi-Fi is now available everywhere except the Areka wellness area. I prefer this, as all guests can decide whether to tune out or stay connected.

The Importance of Why At JOALI BEING

Arriving at JOALI BEING

After five days at JOALI BEING we knew we would return feeling relaxed and energised. This is uncommon for me, as usually I’m returning home needing a holiday to recover from my holiday indulgence. It is really perfect as a last stop on an island holiday

I recommend staying at least seven nights at JOALI BEING. A week means your body can really adapt, especially if you want to cleanse.

I found so many quiet places to completely unwind

And cleanse is important here, which brings me back to the importance of understanding why you want to go on holiday at JOALI BEING.

There are other island resorts with beautiful new villas, amazing beaches and a great spa. Like JOALI Maldives. So why stay at JOALI BEING?

You can have a ‘normal’ holiday here, it’s the Maldives after all

I could list reasons like the private treatments, healthy food, world-leading professionals, or the positive energy all around the island itself. But this resort is more than a tropical island holiday.

Even the arrival is stunning!

If you want to flop on a beach and drink cocktails all day around a private pool, JOALI BEING is not the best fit for you.

JOALI BEING is an amazing place for adults who want to focus on themselves and their wellbeing. It’s for people who want to feel re-energised.

Your Holiday at JOALI BEING

A two-bedroom beach pool villa

I’ve no doubt that this will soon be regarded as one of the leading wellness destinations in the world. Right now it feels extremely new and fresh.

At first I wondered, a wellness resort in the Maldives? It didn’t make sense to me because it had never been done before.

Now it makes complete sense. The best place to really focus on yourself is the most beautiful place in the world – the Maldives.

You can have a relatively normal holiday here. And you can experience so much more.

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