Psst…You Won’t Believe This Caribbean Beach Retreat

The Dominican Republic has a reputation. It’s where overweight American golfers stay in large, dated resorts, and there’s not an explorer in sight.

So we’ll let you into a little secret. There’s a very contemporary, uber-luxury retreat that’s comfortably on par with the best resorts in the Maldives and Seychelles.

It’s a playground, perfect for a holiday that’s both adventurous and serene. It’s called Amanera. Here you have the beach, the Caribbean and so much more.

This is not the famous, crowded side of the Dominican Republic.

The Other Side of the Dominican Republic

Amanera is located on the north coast of the Dominican Repubilc, the exclusive and tranquil opposite to Punta Cana and the touristy southeast. Here you’ll find over 10 kilometres of virgin jungle and beach, with scenic cliffs and the famous turquoise Caribbean waters.

There is a championship golf course, but even this blurs into wild nature.

Here you can play. Windsurfing and kite surfing. Horseback riding along the coast. Hiking. Fishing. Snorkeling. Scuba diving at a 1500s offshore Spanish shipwreck. Excellent surfing. Plus a championship golf course (it wouldn’t be the Dominican Republic without one).

It also wouldn’t be a tropical island retreat without a very zen spa. And Amanera’s spa really is exceptional.

All the space will encourage you to both relax and explore.

The Amanera Style

Ready to Holiday in the Caribbean?

With its zero-edge pools and clean lines this is a highly contemporary resort. Yet architect John Heah’s design is also organic, as he himself explains.

Blurring the lines between dwellings and jungle so you feel at one with the dramatic tropical location.

Tranquility and space are luxuries found in abundance here. There’s a calming simplicity to your holiday here, exemplified by the hotel design.

Amanera’s main pool and terrace area. Ready to explore?

An open-air main lobby. Floating stairs. Soaring palm trees. Cool outdoor lounges. High ceilings and skylights. Massive windows that frame Caribbean vistas.

Amanera is the best resort in the Dominican Republic and it’s a million miles away from the tourist crowds. This is the most visited country in the Caribbean, but you won’t notice that up here in the north, where unspoilt nature is your playground.

A private casita. How does it feel compared to your favourite Indian Ocean resort?

Your Holiday in the Dominican Republic

Christopher Columbus explored this island, way back in 1492. His ship sank. Travel to the Dominican Republic is a lot easier now. It’s an eight-hour direct flight from London. There are good flight connections from various cities on the east coast of the States. From Prague it’s the same travel time as visiting the Indian Ocean islands.

Inside a casita. Do you like this contemporary design style?

We love how the north of the Dominican Republic excites the explorer spirit while also being so fresh and comfortable.

Okay, maybe not quite on the same scale as Columbus, we don’t need to sink our ship. But here you have something new, exotic, serene and exciting.

Here you have the beach. And what a Caribbean beach! Plus so much more.
So are you ready to explore?

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