Boat tour to the bird cliffs of Vestmanna

As you glide through the waters in your private RIB boat towards the cliffs of Vestmanna, you’ll hear them – thousands of birds that call these cliffs home. Then, you’ll see them. Hestur harbours guillemots, puffins, black guillemots, shags, fulmars, and eiders, swooping and diving around the 1200 foot vertical cliff walls. It’s easy to see why this is one of the most in demand experiences on the Faroe Islands.

If the weather is good, you’ll take a turn around nearby seal caves Álvagjógv and Klæmintsgjógv, both majestic in their own unique ways.

After spending some time on the waters, lunch will be served in the viking-themed restaurant Fjørðukráin in Vestmanna village.

But the day isn’t over. How about a one hour private helicopter ride over the Southern Islands of Faroe? From the air is the best way to see these dramatic landscapes, after all.

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