Dive and snorkel the Faroe Islands

Unspoiled waters where the visibility stretches for what feels like miles. Spectacular drop offs. Grottos teeming with coldwater marine life. Endemic marine life, from red cod to lumpsucker. Maybe even a seal or two

Welcome to diving and snorkelling in the Faroe Islands. We can arrange experiences for everyone, from beginner to pro. Think guided dives through dancing kelp forests and impossibly huge boulders. Think descending through underwater gorges, descending next to their vertical walls. Think snorkelling across grottos filled with life.

Coldwater snorkeling and diving is a completely different experience to tropical diving. It’s ethereal, quiet, almost haunting in its beauty. And it’s all yours for the taking on the Faroe Islands.

Do you like Dive and snorkel the Faroe Islands?

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