Private tour to the bird island of Mykines

The island of Mykines is famous for one thing and one thing only – birds. Think nesting Puffins. Think Gannets. Think some of the most beautiful landscapes the Faroe islands have to offer, filled with flocks of native bird species.

But this day isn’t just about birds, it’s also about hiking, mountains and lighthouses. It’s about exploring villages like Sørvágur, almost untouched for centuries. It’s about getting deep into Faroese culture and nature.

You’ll be with a local every step of the way who will tell you stories about the isolated villages on the island. There will also be a stunning 2 hour hike to the majestic lighthouse on the islet Mykineshólmur, on your way to the nesting birds.

And naturally, there will be lunch. Because hiking and bird watching can’t be done on an empty stomach.