Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Visit

United Arab Emirates

Able to comfortably house 55,000 worshippers at any time the scale of the Shiekh Zayed Grand Mosque is hard to comprehend but it is the intricate attention to detail that catches most by surprise. Welcome to the world’s biggest mosque, unique not just for its size but also in its deliberate blending of architectural styles from the world’s different Muslim civilizations.

Marvel at the meticulous handiwork in the world’s biggest chandelier and the world’s biggest carpet, admire the spectacular onion-top domes and become entranced by the pools of light that dance across the prayer hall. Whatever your belief, you are welcomed with open arms, and whether you believe in a higher power or not the feeling inside this man-made wonder is one of awe in something bigger than the individual.

When visiting architecture of this significance, layered as it is with such hidden meaning, it’s best to have some alongside who can unlock the secrets. We can arrange an expert local guide to accompany you in addition to a private transfer from your hotel.

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