Dubai Skydive Experience

Had enough of the beach? Getting a bit bored of the spa? Well, relaxation time is over and playtime is about to begin – bigtime! It’s time for you to leap out of a plane at 4km up and get the highest adrenaline bump of your life.

Freefalling at 190kph over the iconic man-made wonder of the Palm Jumeirah will make you the envy of skydiving veterans worldwide. And if a single epinephrine hit isn’t enough for one holiday, we also have a desert dropzone 30km outside the city where you can do it all again. Whichever dropzone you opt for you will be treated to a miraculous view of Dubai that will make even those at the top of the Burj Khalifa jealous.

Safety is of course of paramount importance and as such, there are a few important things to note. Jumpers can’t be younger than 12 or older than 50. Women must be under 90kg with a BMI less than 27.5. Men under 100kg with a BMI under 30. Everyone – male or female, younger or older – must avoid scuba diving for 24hours before their jump.

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