Supercar Experiences

Venice has its gondolas, London its black cabs, Dubai is a little different, it has supercars. Lots of them. It would be a missed opportunity to visit this glittering metropolis and not take in the sights from behind the wheel of your very own luxury sports car.

Roar along ten-lane highways in a Lamborghini, hit the desert roads in a McLaren, bounce over dunes in a desert buggy, or glide smoothly to a lunch date in the stately luxury of a vintage Rolls Royce. Whatever your motorised desire, we have the car to satisfy it. Rent for a day, week or month. Choose from a chauffeur-driven experience or drive that supercar yourself.

Need a hit of adrenaline to wake you up after a week of lounging on a beach? Know you want a four-wheeled adventure but don’t know where to go? Well, in that case, choose from one of our preset tours below:

Nazwa & Shawka Desert Tour / 250 km / 4-6 hod
A Trip Through The Stunning Sweeping Vast Roads To The Very Outskirts Of Dubai

Jebel Jais Supercar Mountain Tour / 380 km / 6-8 hod
A Trip Through The Stunning Jais Mountains

Hatta Lakes Supercar Mountain Tour / 260 km / 6 hod
The Historic Hatta Lakes

Dubai City Chauffeur Supercar Tour / 150 km / 2,5 hod
Experience Dubai City In Luxury

Supercar and Desert Buggy Adventure / 300 km / 5-6 hod
Super Car And Off Roading Adventure

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