Whale Sharks Swim - Riveting Full Day Experience


Ever wondered what it’s like to look a whale shark in the face? Well, with an experience this immersive, all ponderings are put to rest. As you submerge yourself and swim beside these magnificent creatures, get up close and personal with the largest fish in the sea.

The journey starts with a scenic 2-hour drive across Los Cabos’ dreamy coastal landscapes. Next, head out into the breathtaking Bay of La Paz, in the company of a naturalist guide. The shaded ride is filled with facts, tales and whale shark ecology. Your guide assists as you fit on your snorkel gear. Together, masks ready, sink into the observation zone.

Below the surface, these gentle beasts roam freely. You gape at their slow movements, their strong fins, the patterns on their back. Following on from this epic encounter, the fun continues at San Rafaelito, where you find playful sea lions and areas teeming with marine life. Finally, arrive at the beautiful Balandra Beach, where mangroves, nature trails and a delightful lunch await.

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