Mesmerising Cabo Turtle Release Tour

Witness a turtle hatch firsthand, for it’s a feeling unlike any other. As the miracle of birth occurs before you, it leads to a connection, an instinctive sense of protection. Beside you is a marine biologist. Prior to the release, she shares her passion in an expert briefing.

Discover unexpected facts and insights, as you tentatively approach these gentle reptiles. They finally emerge from their sandy nest, little bodies crawling hurriedly. Their innocent movements leave you speechless. Your eyes bounce excitedly from shell to shell. In the early evening light, the beauty of nature abounds before you. Your presence provides safe passage, ensuring these little babies safely return home.

This is a 4-hour hatchery tour, available from September to December. Situated in a remote location just out of Cabo San Lucas, October and November are especially special for seeing these creatures become one with the waves. And as winter slowly arrives, you may also catch a glimpse of the first of the Humpback Whales headed south nearby.

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