Riveting Toledo - Full-Day Tour


Picture a city wrapped in over 3500 years of history, where Christians, Muslims and Jews used to live in peace. Enter Toledo, and watch all imaginings charmingly come to life. This is a town of bountiful heritage, with medieval bridges affording the most riveting of views.

Your day trip into this ancient metropolis will last around 7 hours. During this time, there is truly much history to cover and explore. Learn about the unique mixture of cultures that once inhabited, as you take to the streets with a native guide. Visit centuries-old houses of worship, and the ambient remains of derelict religious sites.

Spontaneous snippets into local gastronomy and music also befall you. They blend together harmoniously, emitting an atmosphere of warmth and ease. Savour this enriching fusion, as you sample succulent dishes. Sample a World Heritage cellar, with over 3000 varieties of wine. Immersive marzipan-making workshops are also available. Exclusive excursions into the city’s artistic legacy are on the cards.

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