Enchanting Alhambra Visit by Night


Step into the sensual wonder that is Granada, and discover the beauty of the Alhambra on a stunning private tour. Once the beating heart of a Moorish dynasty, the ancient fortress remains engulfed in Islamic architecture, with engraved walls that stand majestic and tall.

Draped in history, this crown jewel complex expects you promptly. Begin your explorations in the cover of night. As the sun sets, the Andalusian structure emits raw radiance. Watch as dim lights dance in the corridors. Shadows bounce against reddish-brown walls. Picture guards armed with spears and scimitars, as your imagination leaps and runs wild.

The enchantment of this royal residence is one of pure nostalgia and awe. With your guided visit comes an intimate new side. Pass under storied archways. Roam through idyllic gardens and halls, as your local companion narrates the tale of an era long gone. Savour the wealth of this exotic palace, while the babble of the courtyard fountain adds a mystical hum.

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