Corsica Villas – Perfect for Private Family Beach Holidays

Corsica, island of hilltop villages and ragged mountain coastlines. Where glittering bays meet thick forests and flocks of sheep block the roads. Where the beaches are private, because nobody else knows they are there. 

Here you won’t find the glitz or large resorts of neighbouring Sardinia. Instead, your holiday centres upon time-forgotten cultures and natural landscapes. 

Old fincas dot the island and we love how they’ve been converted into contemporary private accommodation. Their Corsican character remains strong, but enhanced by today’s luxuries, like infinity pools overlooking the sand.

Villa Aman

A holiday in Corsica is about exploring. It’s so easy to go off the beaten path, whether it’s local wine and food, or nature that invites hiking, canyoning, biking, or just simply sunbathing in silence.

Corsica is also perfect for a safe group holiday, especially with this collection of exclusive five-star villas from our local specialist. You can holiday in complete privacy, both at the villa and around the island.

These are not beachfront resorts with other guests. They are exclusive places to be alone with your friends and family. And remember, this private island holiday feel is in Europe, close to home.

Rocca Rubia

Rocca Rubia

A remote seven-bedroom retreat, just 100 metres from the sea, this villa is a contemporary interpretation of traditional Corsican design. It’s dominated by wood and natural colours, almost blending into its surroundings. 

An infinity pool leans towards the Mediterranean and there’s so much space in the property gardens and down by the sea. With an outdoor dining area and cinema room, this property is perfect for two or three families seeking a private summer holiday.

Villa A Tria

Villa A Tria

Set on a virtually deserted beach in South Corsica, this is a simple yet enchanting villa with space to sleep 16 guests. It’s low-rise and refined, honouring Corsica’s low-key style. 

You’ll find far more Instagrammable villas in Sardinia, but if you’re looking for open space and comfortable family living, this beachfront property is perfect. Of course there’s a heated pool, barbecue, sauna, outdoor dining and wine cellar.

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Villa Aman

Villa Aman

On the island’s southern tip, with clear morning views to Sardinia, Villa Aman is modern and open plan. Floor-to-ceiling windows enable the vistas to dominate, from bedrooms and the living areas. 

It’s more of a statement property, with seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, the swimming pool, hammam and home cinema. Plus the proximity to Porto Vecchio is ideal when you want to combine private relaxation with chic town vibes.

Villa Damare

Villa Damare

Plunging sea views and a spectacular infinity pool make this a prime property for groups. Walk up from the beach, make a cocktail at your bar, and gaze across the island with a few close friends. 

It sleeps 16 and you’ll find opulence in an understated Corsican way, with a personally curated art collection throughout.

Other Corsica Villas

We also know smaller villas and converted farmhouses, so whether you are a family of four or travelling as multiple multi-generational families, we’ll find you a private place on this island that time forgot.

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