Three Camel Lodge

Tomáš Safarik

Private Consultant
"Luxury eco lodge in the heart of Mongolia’s Gobi desert? Yes please. This is an exciting project and by far our favourite place to stay in Mongolia. "

Stay at the Three Camel Lodge

At the Three Camel Lodge, you’re not just at a hotel. You’re in a totally immersive Mongolian experience. Everything has been done with sustainability in mind, from the construction of the excellent gers that serve as your bedroom, to the protection of the surrounding wildlife.Learn about Mongolian people, culture and traditions as you enjoy expertly crafted food, wine, cocktails, and activities. Sleep deeper than you could imagine in the heart of the Gobi desert. And enjoy the serenity of this very special part of the world.


Set right in the heart of the Mongolia Gobi desert, this lodge certainly boasts a privileged location. It’s in the national park and seemingly a million miles from anywhere. The lack of both Wi-Fi and mobile phone signal is deliberate, as the location is all about immersion in a beautiful wilderness. From Ulaanbaatar it’s a one-hour flight and 90-minute 4WD transfer.


Each room is in a ‘Ger,’ a traditional Mongolian tent. But this is no campsite - each Ger features thick camel-hair blankets, hand carved furniture and luxurious beds. The Gers themselves are made by hand by local artisans. This is tradition meeting modern luxury and makes for one excellent experience.

Who is it for

Anyone up for a little bit of luxurious adventure. Couples will love the privacy of the tents, and families will love the space for their little ones to run around in.

Amenities & Activities

The focus here is on sustainability. The spa uses ancient Mongolian techniques. There is an excellent boutique where you can buy gifts, artwork and crafts by local artisans. How about outdoor yoga with a local instructor in the wilds of the Gobi desert? Or a modern meets traditional dining experience in the restaurant where ingredients have been sourced from local organic farms.

Do you like Three Camel Lodge?

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