Pacuare Lodge

Whitewater rafting is only the start of the adventure at Pacuare Lodge, an iconic place you pick for the exhilarating rainforest experience and sustainability, rather than the somewhat rustic accommodation.

Stay at Pacuare Lodge

Ready to go whitewater rafting to your rainforest lodge? Get ready, because it’s wet and wild and the only way to get there. Paddle through grade IV rapids. Listen to the call of howler monkeys and rare birds. Find yourself immersed in the rainforest. Then find a place of tranquillity, an iconic ecolodge where your adventure is set to continue.Pacuare Lodge is blissfully isolated from everything else and getting there is a big attraction. There is no road, only a river! Sustainability is central to everything here and there aren’t too many modern luxuries. While it claims to be five-star rustic, a lot of it is just plain rustic and a little dated. However, Pacuare does offer a spectacular rainforest immersion, when you’re prepared to forget a few modcons.


After rafting down Costa Rica’s most beautiful river, you won’t have any connection with the everyday world. Turn off your phone - the Wi-Fi barely works anyway - and open your senses to what is out there, including the howler monkeys and occasional jaguar. Allow half a day for the road and raft transfer from San Jose.


Pacuare Lodge started as a campsite and they’ve kept adding new suites over the years. Avoid the entry-level Garden and River View suites. You really need to go for the villas here. They’re bigger, newer, better located and better appointed, with the pools a nice touch.

Who is it for

People who seek adventure and real natural immersion. You must be prepared to judge your stay on the entire rainforest experience, from rafting to monkeys and all that nature brings, rather than solely the lodge itself. Don’t stay here if you like your accommodation to be new, pristine or shiny.

Facilities & activities

Canyoning, biking, birdwatching, ziplining…you rafted grade IV rapids to get here so expect the rainforest exploration to continue. A new rainforest infinity pool is an interesting addition and there’s a very small spa. Food options help to showcase the overall vibe. Lodge staff, including rafting guides, take turns to chef the kitchen, resulting in interesting, locally influenced food. Which you can choose to experience on a private platform, 20 metres up a kakop tree, only reachable by zipline.

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